Best Illustrators in the world?



I´d like to have a better idea of who are the best illustrators/painters/concept artist of the world, i
tryed to find a list in google but the search didn´t give good results.
I´m interested in realistic or figurative illustrators mostly, for books, magazines, comics, covers, poster, concept art (movies, games, animation), and not abstract or graphic design.

Here are some examples of the profile of artists i´m searching:

James Gurney, Frank Frazetta, Feng Zhu, Scott Robertson, Nathan fowkes, Terryl Whitlatch, Nico Marlet, Bobby Chiu, Norman Rockwell, John Howe, Peter de Seve…etc.



That is extremely difficult as there are way too many amazing artists out there, and new ones spring up all the time. Have you looked in the sticky threads? There’s actually a sticky thread that lists a bunch of artists worthy of note.


… and those artists are / have been very productive so I find my self too often buried in the wast amount of good work. There is a lot to study and see - choosing is the hard part.

And about “the best” - it is quite hard to answer - one suits better for one thing and the others for something else. It’s like choosing the most beatiful human in the world - quite a task (if not counting the people with whom one lives) :D.


Thanks Lunatique, i missed those threads abouth this topic!

halen, you are right 100%…

Well, looks like this thread really has no point since there are already threads about this.


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