Best Human Sculpting Tutorial??



I am looking for the best tutorial(s) for sculpting a human head, male and female. I need a tutorial aimed for beginners, (no sculpting experience of any kind) but one that goes into advanced topics. All of the videos I am finding on youtube are speed sculpts or not anything that wholly explains the basics and the advanced in great detail. So, what are the best tutorials for human head/face and body anatomy? Paid or free, I don’t care. (prefer free, but I really don’t care because I want to learn)



There are several:

Scott Spencer- book/dvd ‘digital sculpting human anatomy’ (incredible resource and very cheap)

Ryan Kingslien- Zbrush workshops online training. (everything you EVER wanted to know about ZB- monthly sub)

Zac Petroc- online training plus some Gnomon Workshop videos (master anatomist…)

Jesse Sandifer- ‘’ -online monthly vids- (excellent all round sculpting resource, extremely cheap and project based)


Thank you very much for these links, they look great!


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