Best Flash Movie ever!



ehh, it’s ok. some parts are kinda stupid and crude. I don’t like how it starts, but it wraps around to that point so it’s an interesting idea. The animation is good and the design is kinda cool. Had to listen to it with no sound.with no sound I’d give it a 5 out of 10


Awesome. I loved it.


Oh my…



That wasn’t work safe! :argh:

Cool tho! :thumbsup:




Yeah I played it in class on our break and the kid next to me was like “what the…” haha. I felt like an ass.

-Tom N.

I don’t know about calling this the best ever though. . .


Soo… if i work too much i would loose my wife.


that was excellent



Not if your a good boy to her though, :thumbsup:


I’ll never look at those symbols on public toilet door in the same way again!


haha yeah. It’s awsome. Ive seen this before however, few months ago.


So why is this supposed to be good let alone “Best Flash Movie Ever”?


Because I guess lots of people are entertained by stick figures humping? Not sure. I thought it was a good idea but a little crude.

By the way, (@Animbot) I checked out your website because I liked your avatar, I see you went to AIP and thats where I go. That picture of you and Screech - at first I thought it was Greg Weider, our Maya teacher. Did you ever have him? I’m still half convinced that thats him lol.

-Tom N.


double post, my bad.


Yeah I know this one. Another anim “Doorsteps” won the BAF Awards for best Flash animation. But the site navigation is a bit annoying.


Storytelling and concepts… I think it does a great job at conveying both.

I went to AIP, first “full” animation graduating class. Is Zaner still teaching 3d? And what about Mr. Simpson, if he’s still there… I feel sorry for you guys.


Warn us next time about the content of this clip. Its good I guess but its something I would enjoyed more viewing at home oppose to work.


Well I guess it depends where you are in your life (and how long you have been in the industry doin the grind).

I can relate to parts which of course makes it enjoyable to me (nothing like sharing misery with others in a humurous way).


I really liked it. I thought the beginning was a bit stupid, like all the other violent and sex flash movies, but it turned out pretty good. The beginning is also the end!!! :thumbsup: Cool.

I really liked the soundtrack, does anyone knows which artist it is?


I agree. It doesn’t have to be an awe inspirring complicated animation in order to stir an emotional response.

As far as the content, I didn’t feel that stick figgures could offend cg folks considering what we’re exposed to in many animations/stills. I apoligize for not posting a warning along with it… I also recomond not opening links at work if you can get in any sort of trouble, you never know when big brother is watching.