Best ever film score?


Not spefically CG related but been listening to many soundtracks lately (just love em) and been wondering…

What is the best film scores of all time? We’ve had plenty of polls over the years for the best film - but how bout the music. Let’s get some nominations going and ultimately a poll in a few weeks.

Criteria: Impact, how memorable, how emotional, timeless, inspiration. (feel free to add)

Here’s my nominations.
John Wiliiams - Jaws, ET, Superman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List (the man has gotta be the film score king - Jaws is gotta be right up there - the two most famous notes in history - duh nuh, duh nuh - sing it with me!)

Ennio Morricone - The Mission, The Untouchables, The Good The Bad The Ugly (you know that famous Clint Eastwood whistling)

Danny Elfman - Men in Black, Good Will Hunting, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands (honoury mention for The Simpsons - gotta be the best TV theme of all time)

Bernard Herrman - Psycho, Vertigo

James Horner - Braveheart, Aliens

Alan Silvestri - Back to the Future, Predator

John Barry - 007 James Bond, Dances with Wolves

Randy Newman - Toy Story, Bug’s Life

Hans Zimmer - The Lion King, The Rock, Thelma & Louise, Crimson Tide, Gladiator

There’s so many - no doubt i’ve forgotten some gems. Would love to hear everyone’s opinions.

  1. Cliff Martinez - ‘Solaris’ (Steven Soderberghs version from 2002)
  2. Rachel Portman - ‘The Cider House Rules’
  3. Jerry Goldsmith - ‘Alien’ (the very first one, 1979)

EDIT - There’s so much more… I just remembered:

1.5 Klaus Doldinger - ‘Das Boot’


Giorgio Moroder - Scarface
Bernard Herrmann - Psycho, Taxi driver


Giorgio Moroder - Midnight Express


Hans Zimmer. I have only 1 soundtrack from a movie and that’s “the rock”. so cool: ta-ta-ta-taaaaa-ta-ta-taaaaa-taaaa-taaaa-ta-ta-taaaaa etc :applause:

who did the music of the godfather?

the music of “once upon a time in the west” also rocks. The small harmonica still gives me the creeps :slight_smile:


Nino Rota composed The Godfather - great nomination too!

Once Upon A Time In The West composed by the great Ennio Morricone - this is one film i must see!


I saw Hannibal recently and the soundtrack was excellent.


Among my all time favourites are two by Basil Poledouris:

Hunt for Red October




are we talking original soundtracks or just any mixedup bunch of songs that ever ended up being a ST ? :slight_smile:

anything by Ennio Morricone
25th hour (but I’m heavily influenced by the fact I totally loved the movie, the music itself is just fake orchestral stuff)
Williams’ work on Indiana Jones

if we consider non original works as well then I’ll throw in
the gladiator
resident evil (just because you don’t hear hardcore, numetal, thrash and rock of that caliber very often in mainstream movies)

there would actually be a lot more, but those are some of the ones I own and I listen to very often.


any movie done by Jerry Goldsmith ( even rambo ) by a mile for me :slight_smile:


just read some threads on and im suprised to see alot of people hated the music for LadyHawke.

I absolutely love the music!


Howard Shore for LOTR!
John Williams for Star Wars!
Hans Zimmer for The Rock and M:I2!
Danny Elfman for Everything he’s ever done!


Who scored Oceans Eleven? I really liked that one.


A few good ones off the top of my head…

  • Nino Rota - The Godfather
  • Micheal Andrews - Donnie Darko
  • John Williams - Superman
  • John Williams - Jurrassic Park
  • John Williams - Jaws
  • Thomas Newman - The Shawshank Redemption
  • Thomas Newman - American Beauty
  • Thomas Newman - Finding Nemo
  • Elliot Goldenthal - Titus


[li]Danny Elfman in everything he’s ever done
[/li][li]John Williams in “Star Wars,” “Superman,” every Spielberg movie, “Home Alone,” and the “Harry Potter” movies
[/li][li]Ennio Morricone in “The Untouchables”
[/li][li]Jerry Goldsmith in every thing he’s ever done
[/li][li]Elmer Bernstein in “Ghostbusters”
[/li][li]Johann Strauss, Richard Strauss, and numerous others in “2001: A Space Odyssey”
[/li][li]Wendy Carlos in “Tron”
[/li][li]James Newton Howard in “Unbreakable,” “Signs,” and “The Fugitive”
[/li][li]John Barry in select James Bond movies
[/li][li]James Horner in everything he’s ever done
[/li][li]David Arnold in “Stargate” and the newer James Bond movies
[/li][li]Bernard Herrmann in “Psycho”
[/li][li]Howard Shore in “The Silence of the Lambs”
[/li][li]Michael Kamen in “Die Hard” and “Licence to Kill”
[/li][li]Ludwig van Beethoven and Wendy Carlos in “A Clockwork Orange”
[/li][li]Thomas Newman in “American Beauty”
[/li][li]William Ross for his adaptation for John Williams’ score in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”
[/li][li]Brad Fiedel in everything he’s ever done for James Cameron
[/li][li]Alan Silvestri in everything he’s done, especially with Robert Zemeckis
[/li][li]Ira Newborn in “The Naked Gun” and most John Hughes films
[/li][li]Hans Zimmer in “Hannibal”


Some good ones

Richard Rodgers- Victory at Sea (ok, TV-but still good)

Craig Safan- The Last Starfighter

Ulpio Minucci- Robotech Theme

Henry Mancini- Peter Gunn, The Pink Panther-all time greats:buttrock:

60’s WW2 movies had some of the best themes
Ron Goodwin wrote my favorites
-633 Squadron
-Battle of Britain
and the my all time favorite movie theme…
-Where Eagles Dare

If you’ve never heard it before you can listen to it here
Where Eagles Dare :bowdown:


Geinoh Yamashirogumi - AKIRA


Originally posted by otacon
Who scored Oceans Eleven? I really liked that one.

Once again the excellent Giorgio Moroder. Not responsibel for all of it though.


Vangelis’ score of Blade Runner is cool. Perfect Sunday evening Music.

Zimmer and Williams are the only other score artists I know.


Danny Elfman - Batman. period.