Best error ever.


This is not a question, just wanted to share with you guys a recent Maya experience. On a clean install of Maya6.5 on my friends computer loading mental ray produces the following result… Error: Operation completed succesfully. Then mr won’t load. Though I can’t figure out how to get mr to work, it’s really quite amusing.



Actually, that sounds like some kind of memory pointer error. The error message handling routine gets the wrong address in memory and informs you that there is no error because that is the address it received…

Either that, or it got the wrong index to the error message array.


I have run across one like this before. Usually it’s because a lot of things need to be done when starting up or doing a “file -> new”. In these operations, even if Maya hits something that didn’t happen as expected it has to keep going and try to finish off what it can, usually there is some smaller thing that fails but in the end eveything seems to be ok so the “current message” to be displayed gets changed to something like “Operation completed succesfully” but since earlier something said that something went wrong it gets spit out as an error.

Not saying that we don’t need to fix whatever seemed to happne to MR :)…but that is usually why you get the conflicting message.


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