Best cities for 3D Artist jobs?


I might move to a different city and was wondering what are the best cities to find 3d animation/3d modeling jobs.

I would like to find 3d modeling jobs for video game companies like EA/Blizzard. I wouldn’t mind working for movie studios or tv shows as well. What cities are best for either one or both?

I currently live in Reno which doesn’t have many options. The ones that do show up are casino/slot machine based which doesn’t really interest me.


Given the work from home opportunities that the Covid pandemic has opened up, I honestly find the relevance of where a 3D Studio located to be dimminishing.

For example, I’m Canadian, but I’ve heard of many 3D Artists getting employed by U.S companies south of the border. This is in spite of the fact they already live around industry hubs like Vancouver, Toronto & Montreal.

But working from home means they cut down on transportation costs while being paid a higher salary in U.S currency as opposed to Canadian dollars.


Hi, @skywalker113 there is a huge demand for 3D artists these days, so finding a great job is rarely an issue, 3D artists can easily find jobs in the movie industry, game development, architecture, and marketing. Nowadays, London, Berlin, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Singapore are the top cities for 3d artist jobs. As a student, I always tried to learn advanced mathematical terms at this educational forum where they shared mathematical questions with answers. that can help to develop my 3d mathematical terms because I have also passionate about this 3d industry.


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I also want to know more about it. Because I want to start my career as a 3D artist. Thank you so much!


My previous comment from last December might still hold up.

3D Art now a days is heavily digitalized and shared across the entire internet, that the actual city it comes from doesn’t matter.

Companies will hire anyone who wants to work remotely, as long as they meet the required skillset/experience.


Thanks a lot for your reply here. I’m glad to know more about it.