Best Cintique alternatives in 2017


I’m currently looking into buying a pen tablet display but have a hard time picking the best option. Originally I had my eyes set on the UGEE 2150 but there’s no way to contact them through their website which I find a bit troublesome. After doing some more research I learned that there are a lot more players on the market of pen displays now making it tough to make my pick. Currently, I’m thinking about theHuionGT-220 V2 or the Xp-Pen 22e (or 22hd).
Others I looked at are the Yiynovo MVP22u (V3) and the ParbloCoast22.
From what I gathered the Yiynovo MVP was originally one of the best but by now it’s an older model which from all the Cintique alternatives is still the most expensive. The Parblo
Coast22 seemed very promising but from what I’ve read in a review the pressure sensitivity isn’t working. *

Does anyone have any thoughts/experience with these pen tablet displays?
The main use will be for sculpting in zbrush.*


Hey mate,*

In my experience brands such as Huion, Ugee, or XP-Pen are good if you don’t want a Wacom

Personally, I have a Cintiq, but my wife is a student and owns a Ugee UG-2150,

I’ve used it, and it is definitely a close contender. The resolution is excellent, the pen pressure sensitivity was great and I found drawing on the surface was smooth (but you will need a drawing glov e)

It is annoying that they don’t have a number to call, but I did find they responded quickly via email. The tablet was reasonably easy to set up and get started. With some tablets, the drivers can be a bit tricky. We ended up downloading them from the website with no trouble.*

Having a solid stand was important to us, and the Ugee was very stable. It also came with two pens (my wacom only had one) which were a nice surprise.

One of the main downsides for us was cable placement. It can be a little awkward depending on your setup.*

I haven’t used it with ZBrush, so just double check it is compatible.

Other good alternatives we found when we were searching around were the XP-Pen Artist 22, Huion GT-220 (V2 seems to be a lot better than its predecessor) and the Ugee HK1560.*

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Yiynovo and Parblo. However, I can’t say I’ve used them for extended periods of time - just played with demo models. Again, it all comes down to personal preference.

Hope that helps.


Cant speak for comparisons really as I’ve not as yet owned a Cintiq. Moving house later this year, so maybe when I have a little more space (Though also eyeing up the Dell canvas). I have just bought a Huoin GT220 V2 though and pleasantly surprised by how well it works. It has no hotkeys which isn’t a big deal for me, the driver software is a little lacking but covers the basics. There is minimal lag and parallax, and the pen sensitivity is great (you also get two included - do need charging but supposedly last for up to 8 weeks on a single charge). Callibrating can be a bit hit and miss sometimes, but usually works itself out given the patience (and hopefully driver updates)

The main problem I’ve found with it is probably the screen itself. It is glossy which isn’t ideal, but does come with a screen protector that gives it more of a matte finish and paper texture feel. This does give it a little blurred and rainbow effect, and if dust settles underneath can be a pain to clean.

All in all though value for money cant go wrong, and feels like a worthwhile upgrade from my old Intuos at the moment.


You’ve probably already decided but in case you haven’t, the new XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro is the best Cintiq alternative yet. It’s a full step up from the Artist 16 Pro, which was already considered a top competitor ( 88% NTSC Color Gamut , fully laminated display , support pen tilt and pressure ) .

Im a pro artist that uses the graphics tablet extensively. I bought a XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Drawing Tablet With Screen . Screen quality is immaculate.