Best 3D Software for Fur/Hair Rendering


Hello, I’m new here but not new to CG. For the past 5 years I’ve been using Blender and that is how I started learning 3D and how I improved, however, there are things within Blender that I’m not happy with, at least as of 2.78c.

I’m a person that enjoys Sculpting characters, Humans, animals, fantasy critters, whatever it might be, then texturing them, rigging them and sometimes animating them and making some small animations with them. However, with many of my characters I’d like to use Fur or Hair and this is my biggest complain with Blender.
When it comes to Hair/Fur and Particles in general. I find it nigh impossible to get decent results with Hair Particles and becomes a very tedious process of any character creation to me. This is what essentially has led me to search for new software that might do a better job. But apparently there are many outhere and I’m not sure exactly which one I should get, considering they require quite a bit of an investment.

I would like to avoid Autodesk if possible because they don’t have a perpetual license, and cashing out almost 250 a month or paying 2000 yearly is not something I want to do. I’d rather pay 2000 or 3000 for a perpetual license without having to pay again ever then a subscription system. Much like Algorithmic Substance Tools which I do own.

So, with that mind, which Software outhere has the best Hair/Fur tools and rendering capabilities?

Also, I apologize for my poor English. It’s not my main language.


Well you actually have more than one need.

  1. Building Controlling fur (short non-dynamic hair)
  2. Building and Controlling Hair (longer dynamic hair -blowing in the wind, colliding with the body,
  3. You also mentioned particles-technically a different but related feature.
  4. Rendering.

So if not Autodesk or Blender gives you C4D or Houdini.

Houdini is the best overall but the hardest to learn. And the most expensive (for FX version). But there is the Indie version.

C4D is easier and maybe enough for you. But i can’t confirm it can do long hair from this link:
Its another lever to support dynamic hair so its possible its a missing feature (I don’t use it so cannot say either way).


the new hair grooming tools in maya…

and if you dont use it commerially there is the student version…
in combo with the free renderman version you have all you need…


I’ve been looking at Houdini and C4D as the biggest alternatives. But I’m wondering which one I should get, since you said HOudini is a bit hard to get used to. Which one is better for someone that comes from Blender?

And I never tried Maya although I do know it’s a good tool, it’s just the subscription system they have that bugs me because I do plan to use it for commercial use eventually. I could get the Student version and try it out but I ain’t sure.


Try a demo of each is the only way to know. Unless you are looking for a job its personal.


I guess at the end of the day, it comes down to that I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Time to start downloading I suppose.


I’m a C4D user and may get stoned for this . . . errr. . . get rocks thrown at me :wink: lol but Houdini may give you the better look but C4D is by far the easier and better GUI of the two to get used to and the results are really good. why not download the demo of both and see for yourself.