Berth Of A New Don, Khalid Al-muharraqi (3D)


Title: Berth Of A New Don
Name: Khalid Al-muharraqi
Country: Bahrain
Software: LightWave 3D, Photoshop

I was strongly influenced by the sinbad travels to the strange land and finding new discoveries and new exciting landscape, this is were this location looks interesting strange but familiar and warm with a bit of a morning light the day starts with these strange creatures going on there first flight of the day. The architecture was an old design that I used for a monument for one of my clients, there’s really is not much to say here other the I used the same object then re-light it and finally retexture it with new images with basic projection texturing. This image was powered by 3Dtotals total textures…

>> Hi resolution image <<


Wonderful colours. The atmosphere is amazing. I wish I was there.


Amazing work dude
great Render and lighting


Amazing color, greath light. Good work!
no critic


Great work and magnificient colors as always!! And CONGRATULATIONS for an entry in the 3D World Magazine! Keep up the good work and let us see some of your upcoming great work.


Pretty slick man. Congrats!!


woow … great work dear khalid …
i’m very amazed with the background and the lights… and every thing really …
good luck .:thumbsup:


Wow, that looks cool! The lighting and atmosphere in the image is great!:bounce:

Good work!! :thumbsup:


Just to repeat what everyone already said; great work. Those towers really feel like they have mass. Rendering is nicely integrated to the background plate–the lighting match (this is something not all renderings have :wink: ). Good job


Congratulations on your award. :smiley:


Excellent scale!


Wow… Perfect! As an Lightwave artist I am really fanscinated about this work. 5 Stars from me!


Amazing! I love the lighting. Is there anyway we could see moire detail on the dragon creatures?


Excellent work. Although I would think the smaller planet would be more faded since its further away from the closer planet. Other then that, great work.


Wow, amazing render! Very inspiring. I love the feel you gave it. How did you make the darkside of the big planet fade into the sky like that? Photoshop?


Very nice image. I like the colors and the lighting a lot. Nice atmosphere, too.


Good stuff, I like the architecture style but I’m not sure this thing will stand for long even in a minor earthquake or a decent wind :slight_smile:


khaled:) …what can i say…its awesome…the sky is just so perfect
the colors of this image is so great
the creatures the light…:applause:
what i like the most that it looks simple yet its awesome
keep it up man
ill always be looking 4word to c ur upcoming work:buttrock:

which 3D total textures cd did u use?


I’m not a 3D person, but just bought Cinema 4D, so hopefully, I’ll soon become one !

I like this picture a lot. Beautiful colors, nice composition and everything and as a completely newbie to 3D, I can only guess that it must have been hard work.

One thing that always makes me wonder, is why so many of you 3D people don’t make your verticals completely parallel to the border of the image ? That is something that a professional or good amateur photographer always tries to obtain in his photos. It is not always easy. But in CG, it should be possible, so why repeat what a photographer thinks to be a mistake ? Verticals (or horizontals for that matter) are only used non parallel for obvious graphic reasons in photography. If there aren’t any obvious good reasons, we try to avoid them. That was just a little rant - hopefully of some inspiration to some of you.


Very cool work, well done!:thumbsup: