Bert & EP (animation)


Ok im just using this forum as a way of getteing a bettwer work flow done. basically this short is about a boy and his talking toy, i havent got a script but i have my characer lineup pretty much worked out.

appologise for my cripy 2d pics.

The boy with the black jacket is gonna be the bully of the little kid and the purple guy who
helps the little kid stopped getting bullied. havent worked out a script or storyboards yet just got the basic idea

and here is are 3D models of characters so far

Purple thing EP.

the young boy EP

its all ive got so far and im gonna start texturing and serious snimating, ive done some test but i dont think they are worth showing

C&C welcom (and needed)



not too sure on the hair what do u guys think?


Well after alot of rigging of clothes i finally got them both together posing, im still not sure on wether or not i like his clothes, they still seem a little wierd to me. this animating stuff is new to me, infact rigging in general is new to me, tell me what u think of these two characters, do they have enough character to them? if not how should i improve.

C&C please



Hi Fasoft||Tagos, these 2 haven’t got tonnes of instantly recognisable personality but don’t let that stop you (I’ll show you my first character from 2000…yours look pretty whizbang in comparison) I’d maybe give Bert some bumps for (abstract) ears and a red cap slightly askew (backwards so his hair tuft pokes out the hole). Well done getting them rigged. As for EP I’d really define a personality for him and make his face and features match.

If you lemme know his personality I may be able to give a few quick pointers:)

keep at it mate.


well he was suppsed to be timid but he doesnt seem it anymore i want to make him to be fairly rude but easily scared, he isnt a geek he is just quiet, not sure if he looks like this and id really like tips on making him look that way.

The purple guy is supposed to be outgoing and noisy and annoying, was thinking of giving him like a deep young mans voice. do u think i got him right?

and also u said that the models were like yours in 2000, in that case whats wrong with the models do u you wnat wires?


I thought about whate u said about them having character, so i done some facial expressions on papaer, i decided to keep the boys oringional attitude of being shy and timid and make the purple guy really out going i think that after researching a littl ebit, the have alot more character now, what do you think?


much better:thumbsup:


Oh and BTW re my chars from 2000, I didn’t mean that yours were boj mate, I meant they look better than some of my earlier characters…I was being nice…


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