BERT-- an animated short


Hi, my first animated short “BERT” is now available on IFILM,

come check it out and tell me what you think.,3699,2445542,00.html



simply amazing… great expressions, clean toony 3d, hilarious… i love it


oh my god!

thats like the cutest thing i’ve ever seen!!!

top notch animation, great facial expression, HILARIOUS antics, and overall cuteness…



This is just a marvelous piece of work man :applause: Everything was so well executed and looked extremely professional!
Can you please introduce yourself and tell us more about the film? since this is one of the best first post I’ve seen in a long while :slight_smile:

I just had to plug you of both cgtalk and 10 stars!!!


P.S. Do you have this in downloadable format? If you don’t have a server, I will host it for you temporarily, everyone must see this great short.



Yeah, id love to get a download of it…gripping work! :thumbsup:


Awesome! Awesome! Very clean and professional looking work. How long did it take to make and how many people were involved in it? :buttrock:



Excellent! I loved every bit of it. Nice characters and animation.


Great timing and poses.


Saw this a couple days ago. AMAZING WORK!!! Animation and direction are top notch.


thank you all, i’m glad you guys enjoyed BERT.

my name is Moonsung Lee and i’m going to academy of art college in san francisco. BERT is my senior project and took me about little more than a year. the school is quite close to big studios like pixar and pdi, so we have this wonderful courses taught by animators from pixar. BERT is also done in one of pixar character animation class at academy.

i did story, design, animation and sound design but many friends helped me in many ways.
wonderful music is from the records of Trio Voronezh-- three classically trained russian trio located in Oregon.

you can download it from:

it’s compressed with divx 5.0.2


It´s so sweet - I love it


it’s very very nice !!! I love it…

animation very cool, lightning very nice…music perfect…and I luv the characters !!!

I love your interpretation of the “nasty/bad/ugly little duck”…do U know the english name of this tale ?!?

what is your school ?!? do they have a website ?!?

(at one moment for a sec it reminds me of for the bird…)


Congatualtions … you did a great job


Nice work.
Excellent for a first short .
I like it :thumbsup:



it’s very nice one


Really nice first post…

The whole film had a great pace… the score working beautifully with the story… Made even better with your choice of no words or language used… making it multi national…

Characters are truly cute… particularly liked the ending shot with both houses in darkness (with the exception of the lights)

Really nice… no critz here!


watching it again in full screen with the DIVX…

how to say that…

one of the nicest thing I’ve seen for very very long…I’m a fan !!! :bounce:

can’t stop watching it !!! it’s brillant / perfect…:bounce:

it should be on the Monster Inc DVD right next to for the birds !!! :wink:

now :
do a web site…with a lot of animations with those little characters…wallpapers…ect ect…


This one’s brilliant. I love it!


Umm… Balalayka music… Reminds me of my youth… Maybe not. Great animation. Very expressive characters. I thought the story was surprisingly conservative. 5 stars anyway!


Originally posted by baby

now :
do a web site…with a lot of animations with those little characters…wallpapers…ect ect… [/B]

Heh I’m with baby here :wink: and that wip dice animation is pretty slick also :wink: