Bernadette, Stephen David Molyneaux (3D)


Excellent CG work Stephen.

my online portafolio:


Impressivee Man Congratss


Thanks for all your comments and crits. Really appreciated!!

coldside-digital - thanks man

I understand what you mean, she has a different look. I persoanlly did’nt want to choose a model that had a classic oriental look. I guess Some people will like it and some may not.

Heres some Zbrush viewport stills showing some more of the detail of the model. My main aim was to produce an image of the complete model and I never planned to go into perfect micro detail on her skin. My machine could’nt handle that anyway :slight_smile:

Im happy that so people like my image.


oh super job amazing detail did u have other angle shot?


Nice class! :thumbsup: I really like the glamour on the picture!
Congratz! :slight_smile: 5 Stars from me! :thumbsup:


Great image man :slight_smile: 5 stars from me:thumbsup:


front page! :slight_smile: very realistic i like it!


That’s great work, nice image. I feel like a very slight rim light on her left would help pop her even further; now there is something that bugs me and I realize that it is most likely just a perspective illusion than anything else but her right foot seems twisted in a very awkward position, seems like her heel is almost completely sideways but the front of the lower leg seems to be straight which is impossible for a human to do. That heel looks weird man, its freaking me out!.


absolut gr8 image with cool everything ABSOLUT piece:beer::cool::bowdown::thumbsup:


Amazing ,fantastic work.5 stars from me.


fantastic display… congrats

  • Dan


-Great model I like the attention to details on her feet…really good job!!


If it wasn’t for her hair, I would think this is a real photo! Love her feet! …not in a foot fetish way:cool:
Amazing work! 5 stars!!!


That’s crazy work. :deal:


This image has its’ magic. It’s nearly realistic (especially the sofa’s surface). However there is just a bit of “illustration” feel on it. Which in this case works very well. Also a very basic decision you made was to make her overall look so unique. It really pays off. It’s not perfect if you look it from “realistic” point of view, but to me it’s a perfect as a piece of art.


fantastic work. Something about the left arm bothers me though. It appears a tad too short. Maybe it’s the angle, or the pose. It’s probably correct…just seems to me a little short. Anyhow…Nice one :wink:


Amazing work!! :applause:


this just overwhelming ,WOW photorealism , 5 stars :bowdown:


5star from me!!


Wow, inspiring work. Does she have a sister?? :wink: