Bernadette, Stephen David Molyneaux (3D)


Title: Bernadette
Name: Stephen David Molyneaux
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi all

Ive been working on this image on and off for quite some time. I’m really happy to finally get it finished and posted. Thankyou to bernadette vong for the supplied reference help me produce the image.

Click on the image to see a higher res.

Ive also uploaded the full resolution image here -

and a Bigger res image here. Might take a while to load.

thanks guys


symply ***** :thumbsup:


No photos please. :applause: :eek: Amazing. :drool: :cry: :bowdown:


I can’t believe, it is simply perfect 20* from me :smiley:


Great image!


WOW .:thumbsup:


:thumbsup::bowdown::beer: love her!


Simply amazing 5*


Wow this is simply amazing!
Her anatomy, her look, the skin, the cloth… All seems to be perfect. If it hasn´t been postet in a 3D forum i would have believed it´s a photo! 5* from me. :bowdown:


holy cow, is that for real? it’s like a photo.
any wireframe here? simply speechless:bowdown:


violent :surprised simply unreal (or too real :slight_smile:
max stars


wow . 1000*


Absolute AWESOME work dude! :drool:


WOW. The body is almost perfect to me, very realistic. my only gripe is the lack of a shadow on the right (her left) arm from the interaction with the sleeve. To me it feels like there should be just some slight darkening at that line to help tie it together. The other thing, which i can’t quite put my finger on why, is her face. Maybe its because her race seems to be a bit too undefined and mixed. To me she looks part European, part Asian, and its hard to make a distinction, thus its distracting. Or maybe her lips just stick out too far. Not just her lips themselves, but the area surrounding them too. It kind of looks swollen.

But all in all, excellent work, 5 stars. Congrats on a job well done, I’m looking forward to your next piece.




well done mate top work, 5 of dem twinkle little stars from me!


Wow. Wow, wow, wow. :surprised

Regardless of this, if I may leave some nano-sized critics, despite I’m not worthy:
The second toe on her left foot seems to be quite small looking at the first one, but I don’t know her real anatomy.
And the cloth shader is in my opinion only 99% perfect, the glossiness on her left sleeve appears a tiny bit too regular.
Sorry for this, but this is only to get your perfect work even more perfect.

Apart fom that, 5*****, beyond any question.
And - don’t know, did I already mention?



The only thing out of place seems to be the right sleeve (her right). Just seems to not have enough shadow, or wrinkles on it.

But I really really really love the creases on the couches. You hit the nail perfectly on the head with that.

And of course needless to say the face, skin and clothing are nothing short of amazing.

You should be really proud of this piece. I hope this gets plugged, or sent to the Choice gallery. :wink:


front page stuff. simply amazing…


Very nice. Looks awesome


O M G !?! :eek:
(Oh, Man, That’s Great !?!) 5 stars :thumbsup: