Bergquist Game Entry! Muwahaha!


Hello Everyone!
This looks to be an amazing Game Challenge!
Thank you so much to our hosts at CG Society, and all our sponsors.
& to the most awesome Masters of Ceremonies, The Tornado Twins!

                 [left]In this Game Challenge, I'm thinkin Demon Swords & Vampires
                 Bustin out hard for these 2 glorious minutes of gameplay!
         [left]        First up on the agenda is Concept Art.
         - Main Character: Vampire Huntress
         - The Demon Sword: stage 1: Initial Evolution
         - Enemies: King's Hunting Dogs, Guardsman
                 Well, Time to get some levels done! Best of Luck to All! :thumbsup:



Next Up is the body painting! :arteest:


Hello Everyone!

             Today I started work on The Vampire Huntress!
  3 Working Layers: Base Color, Red Mid-Tones, Broad Specular Highlights


Hello All,

   Today I continued work on the concept art piece for The Vampire Huntress!
   3 Working Layers: Base Color, Red Mid-Tones, Broad Specular Highlights
   As always, feel free to leave a comment, and Stay Tuned! for more Updates! :arteest:


A little over 80 Days Left!

Trying to pin down a look for my Vampire Huntress, but its proving more difficult than i would like… Its always a fight for space on a sexy woman’s body when it comes to the costume. You want to show off as much physique as possible, and yet show layers upon layers of amazing wardrobe design… Fun Stuff :wink:

Here’s what i got goin on so far



Hello Everyone!

I am still working on the costume for my Vampire Huntress,
but to take a small break, today I worked on the King’s Hunting Dog! :scream:

[color=White]As Always, Feel free to leave a comment, and Stay Tuned for more Updates! :arteest:


Another Day for Game Dev! :buttrock:

Today I’ve worked on the 3D Block Out for the King’s Hunting Dog.
Did the initial lowPoly in Maya, then finished sculpting the basic shape in ZBrush.



Hello Everyone,

 Continued work on the King's Hunting Dog!

ZBrush muscle & form layout, not trying to look amazing at this point,
just getting the form ready to re-topologize.



Ello CG Society!

                          I created a lowpoly generic human model in Maya this week for testing all the new Mixamo and Unity products. My character was very easy to Upload to Mixamo, auto-rig by the Mixamo website, apply animations, and then i was able to download just what I needed to get me going in Unity.
                          Once in Unity, after dragging the model (ie Man.fbx) from the project "file tree" window into the scene window, then simply changing the man.fbx "rig" settings to legacy,
  and doing the same to the animation file (ie Man @punch.fbx)
                          I was then able to drag and drop the animation itself
                (the icon in the drop down menu of Man @punch.fbx, its a little play button on a dark gray square) into the animation controller slot of the model that I drug into the scene window, and the character is ready to watch inside the game. For this video and Testing purposes, inside Unity I set the wrapper setting on the animation file to loop.
                       [color=Cyan]Music by [AuraGen Studios](


Hello Everyone!

Finally got a couple hours to continue work on the Kings Hunting Dog!
Today I Re-Topologized my model in ZBrush, outlining the basic shapes and muscle groups.


Ello to All in CGS World!

I have been working on quite a bit lately! Getting all sorts corners pulled together!

I wanted to post an entire video showing off and explaining what I’ve done in Unity and FPS Control with getting my own custom weapon ( gun & arms ) setup and ready for play.
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get the video working yet… But I will have it solved and my video posted very soon!

In the meantime I wanted to let everyone see the gun I’ll be using in the video and in my game,
my Primary Ranged Weapon: the DusX Soul Caster!

Well, What do you guys think?
Feel Free to leave a comment & Check Back Soon for more Updates! :smiley:


The Soul Caster looks like a majestic piece of weaponry! The only thing that slightly confuses me about it is the trigger. However I doubt it will be very visible to the player, so looking forward to see how it works in-game.


Hi XilenceX,

Thank you so much! The trigger will just pull-back/squeeze like any other gun, but as you say, because of its angle you won’t be seeing much of the trigger. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to show off what it looks like shooting in the game!
Thanks again for posting, you’re the first! hehe

Cheers! :beer:

  • Bergquist


Hello Everyone!

For the past week I’ve been working on my Enviroment, doing the concept work on paper this time and putting together the model in Maya.

I don’t have any textures done yet, Just most of the model and a nice set of UV’s to match.

Here are a few shots of what I have so far! :scream:

As Always, Feel Free to Post a Comment & Stay Tuned for More Updates! :beer:

  • Bergquist


That Environment looks great. I can imagine a lot of stories taking place in such a place. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Etsu,

Thanks bro! We won’t be able to tell to much “story” in our glorious 2 minutes of game play, but hopefully that is exactly what my environment will do for me! :smiley:
Best of Luck! :beer:

  • Bergquist


Ello CGS World!

 Today I started working on Trees & Foliage for my Environment.
 Mainly working on my first tree of the challenge, the Giant River Birch!
 I'm working entirely in Maya & Photoshop at the moment.
 First I created a small branch of individual high poly leaves and branches. I then created a very low poly version, and transferred normal maps in Maya. I took those maps in Photoshop and created the color and alpha maps.

I’m now spreading those branch clusters around my “tree skeleton” like putting fake branches on a christmas tree. Next, after I finish spreading them around, I’ll go through and radomize them a bit before moving on to the bark.

 Here is a couple shots of what I've goin on so far.


I believe you can go longer if you want to. The 2 minutes is more like a guideline than a limit.
Wow that’s lots of effort put into a tree model. Now I kinda feel cheap with my forester pro trees. I always edit them in 3ds max later as well, but I find it easier to have something to start from. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey XilenceX,

You're right, the two minutes is only a goal for me. You can go longer of course for the competition, but even so, I don't think its going to take nearly that long for a character to move from one side of my little mountain temple to the other. Hopefully though, with enough pretty things to stare at, it will! hehe

& Thank you so much! Creating a tree from scratch does take a bit of time, but I think it will be worth it!

Doing it this way gives me certain powers too, hehe. It allows me to rig and animate the trees very easily, giving me nice looking wind effects. Since I’ve taken the time to layout my temple’s UVs in proper preparation, doing the trees and plants this way also allows me to use them to bake out some amazing, individually moving tree limb shadows maps! I’m really looking forward to that! I think its going to bring my whole level to life having all the plants and shadows moving around and crossing over each other.

Thanks for posting!

Best of Luck!
- Bergquist


Hello Everyone!

Today I was able to get several hours of work in and finish the top of my Giant River Birch!
I'm still deciding whether I want to do a "lower" section of the tree or not...
But after that its on to the bark. :D