Beretta 9000 VTM Release By IchII3D


I have spent my own personal time making a very long issue of VTM’s (Video Training Module’s). In the complete issue I will walk you through step by step how to model a Beretta 9000.

I use both visual and audio methods to tutor and created them on my home computer.

Each VTM is compiled into a .rar file ( and contains:

Video Tutorial

Image Refrences

Final Production

Refrence (Not Used In Production):

Finished Work (All done in tutorials and rendered of camera):

Programs Used: 3dsmax6

Recorded: Camtasia Studio 2

Codec: XviD

Compiled: Vegas4

Name: 01_Getting_Ready_For_Modelling

Size: 5,834kb

Download: Link

Name: 02_Modelling_Base_1

Size: 126,620kb

Download: Link

Name: 03_Modelling_Base_2

Size: 125,697kb

Download: Link

Name: 04_Touching_Small_Areas_Up

Size: 54,669kb

Download: Link

Name: 05_Magazine

Size: 44,413kb

Download: Link

Name: 06_Barrel

Size: 123,329kb

Download: Link

Name: 07_Little_Thingys

Size: 143,478kb

Download: Link

Name: 08_Optamisation

Size: 64,701kb

Download: Link

Name: 09_Smooth_Groups

Size: 78,837kb

Download: Link

Special Thanks! too John (Host)

If you have any problems or issues please post them in this thread.



Wow, nice work mate. Big thumbs up.
Just to clarify, you’re not affiliated with 3DBuzz are you? They’re the guys who started this whole “VTM” acronym. A little note, it’s hard to see the details in the render above because the skylight (I’m assuming) is too bright, otherwise it looks great.

Anyways, thanks a lot for your contribution to the 3dsmax community!


Thanks, just to clarify I am not in any way assosiated with 3dbuzz.

Also, I need some way of keeping this topic up high so people can see it. If no one knows about it how can they learn :-/

Urr… if you are feeling nice and wish to get the VTM more noticed and you know some forums you would like to post it on could you tell me the forum and I will post it or post it your self and link me to the topic.



Very nice tutorial and very well explained, thank you for the time and effort put into it.


The thread would stay up if people who downloaded this replied.:wink:

As for the advertising, make sure you post at 3D-Palace.


very helpful stuff. Thaks for sharing your knowledge!

I think this is front page stuff. IchI put a lot of effort to get this out I assume, so it would be nice to make it reach lots of people.


wow … good job…

thx for spending the time to make a great resource … I am sure this one will be around for a long time …

Well done

I wish I had “free time” like that :slight_smile:


I just started modeling like 1 week ago,been haveing a good look at these forums and stumbled across this tut,i learned more in the 2-3 hours it took to watch these vids than i have reading normal tutorials in 5 days.
I like that style of modeling but i thought it was to complicated,after watching the tutorials im much more confident ill be able to learn this modeling lark :slight_smile:

Cheers for the time you spent making this tut,it will be immensly helpfull to noobs like myself.

PS. Cheers for the tip about the company that sold u that naff gfx card also :slight_smile:


I just have to say THANX
Nice tips you got in there


hehehe, glad to be at service. I am trying to promote the production of VTM’s are see if I can get more people into it. My next project will be quite wild and hopfully better. I have learnt a lot my self on how to tutor people and also how anoying my graphics card is :stuck_out_tongue: But anyway thanks for all the positive and sometimes negative feedback. It all helps.

Btw, I only have an idea atm of what I want to do. But my next VTM may involve smashing cars to peaces. We will have to see if I am capabile :stuck_out_tongue:


awsome thanks for the tutorials.


thnkx dude for sharing ur knowlegde
downloading ur vtms now
post comments abut them latter


Junaid r


Thank u verry much, this is a really good VTM! :slight_smile:


your time …skill… and knowledge is much appreciated… thanks very much!!:thumbsup:


‘‘Beretta 9000 VTM Release By IchII3D!!!’’
i thought it’s some brand new, kick ass graphic card… :smiley:

write some topic that will describe better the thread… something like ‘kick ass video tutorials inside’ :wink:

thanks for effort man… very much appreciated… :thumbsup:


lol, I will remember that for the next one :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes thanks for the effort indeed. Perhaps you can add a part 10 - textures

Just a thought :buttrock:


A most excellent and informative tut. Very well explained and nicely done. I had a good time following this one, and frankly can’t wait to see more from you. Keep up the good work, we all appreciate your effort very much.



Excellent tutorial learnt more in the first 5 mins then i had in weeks reading some books.

Look forward to the next one



This is the best tutorial i’ve ever seen. I’ve learned more in the few hours watching the video than I could ever have learned over the past year or so. Can’t wait for your next one!