benjemin19's Daily Sketchbook: (From: CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum )


CGS_DSF 2333 60mn “The Road Home”

CGS_DSF 2334 50mn “California Sunshine”

CGS_DSF 2336 NTL “Bring Your Kid to Work”

CGS_DSF 2340 60 MN “The Girl with the Pink Hair”

CGS_DSF 2348 NTL TRON version of Disney Characters


CGS_DSF 2361 50 mn “Gunslinger”

CGS_DSF 2362 NTL “The Bones of Giants”

CGS_DSF 2368 60 mn “The Goblin King”

CGS_DSF 2378 NTL “Stranded”

CGS_DSF 2381 50mn “The Passenger”

CGS_DSF 2382 40mn “Her name was Violet”


after <her name was Violet >
I think I need more practice about face/human body
so try to drawed some pics from Lookbook



CGS_DSF 2388 30mn “The Red Kiss”

CGS_DSF 2389 20 mn “silver and gold”

CGS_DSF 2396 60mn “The White Knight”


CGS_DSF 2414 60 mn “The Cliff”

CGS_DSF 2423 NTL "Valkyrie ":Gustav Klint Style

CGS_DSF 2430 60 mn"Self Protrait: South Park Style"

CGS_DSF 2431 30 mn"Self Protrait: Stick Figure"



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