Benjamin Linus, Eder Carfagnini (3D)


Title: Benjamin Linus
Name: Eder Carfagnini
Country: Italy
Software: CINEMA 4D, ZBrush

A portrait of Benjamin Linus, my favourite character on “Lost”, played by Michael Emerson. I used Cinema 4d (for modeling, hair and shirt), Zbrush (for sculpting and texturing(hand-drawing)) and Photoshop (for colour correction and retouch).


Hey nice job! I would say he’s instantly recognizable, even from the small thumbnail. And in your image, he’s even creepier than in the tv show! You could even give him some bruises, cos it seems to be his natural state in the show anyway :D.


His eyelashes look almost nonexistent. I am not a follower of network television, so I do not know how close this resembles the actor. Just seems to look weird with no eyelashes. The shirt could use a couple of wrinkles, it looks kind of stiff. Other than those small items the modeling & texturing looks very good


Awesome, those eyes are totally cool. Well done.


look my frind bec i dont like the (loas Serial ) but this work is amazing very good looking & skin is perfact & wonderful hirr.

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:


very cool, likeness is definitely there


great work man!



yeah, it’s definetly him, great work on his eyes, which makes him very recognizable.
But there are some points which don’t quite match. Your version looks a bit too thick, Lucius i a bit more skinny. Second is, some wounds or scratches would be nice, as he always gets battered in the serie. Third, the shirt is too stiff and too CG, some more wrinkles would be nice.

so long


Thank you all, guys!

      For panthon:  

You could even give him some bruises, cos it seems to be his natural state in the show anyway :D.
You are right, I’m more merciful than jj abrams and other writers with him!:wip:

    For arrow614: His eyelashes look really almost nonexistent in the lower eyelids!:argh:

For arrow614 and DarkBlueArt: I agree with you, the shirt is a bit too stiff.:hmm:

   If you don't know the actor:
   This is the turntable:[](
 And this is the bust version:


amazing work, excellent.


Looks good, he actually reminds me of pee wee herman lol


WooW i’m a big fan of Benjamin Linus and this piece is really great . compeletly reminds me of him . textures are nice too . keep it up:applause:


Thanks again!


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