bendable rigging with ik/fk switch


is it possible bendable(flexible) rig with ik/fk switch in maya.



I did this with my mikuv2.0 rig.

I don’t know if this is the right way or not, but what I did was make a standard IK/FK blending rig via color blend with the Ik system using the SDK and blendattr stretchy arms and elbow locking setup.

Then on the main arm that blends between FK and Ik I put 2 ribbon systems from the shoulder to the elbow and the elbow to the wrist. This also gives you free forearm and upper arm twisting with controllable falloff.

A basic ribbon system is just a nurbs plane with hair follicles attached to it. Then you parent constrain joints to the follicles so they follow along. Then have 3 control joints 2 at the ends and one in the middle. Bind the ribbon tot he control joints. If you weight it correctly then the ribbon should bend in a arch when you pull the middle joint back.

This gives you bendy ability while riding along with your existing rig set up.


is bendable(cartoony) or puppet rig a medium flexible rig.
please give me some medium flexible rigs.

is this medium flexible rig with curved based or blend shape based head.




Yes, Build the bendy rig on top of the blend chain. In your youtube video, It seems as though when you activate the “bendy”. the curves it creates gets drastically warped when the leg is extended or scrunched. The controls don’t seem the most useful for an animator either IMO.


I will try bendy rig later or now though i know poly face lofted surface with hairs(follicle) and double controls for hairs so that it can scale.

Is this and this
is what we make in 7-8 days with curved based or blend shape head for $250.

and how to make bendy with blended bones so that controls come to normal position to fk or ik.

earlier video was not mine as it was on top of google search. this puppet rig is mine my computer is damaged so ik stretch is not good .i willl buy new computer.



i think we have to use expression editor and set position of control i right.



Using my method I outlined earlier you can achieve this result. I didn’t need to use any expressions or scripting for this result. This one was an earlier beta test and used a different control driver. I’d recommend using the nurbs ribbon setup though.

This might come in handy if you’re looking for ideas.


Is bendable used for IK only and not for FK.

How to make global controls for hand, head and COG.Do we have to use DPT(dynamic parent tool) for that and make 10-12 groups using DPT everywhere with just a click.

Is this video medium flexible rig or more than that or maximum flexible though it not seems maximum flexible rig.



what is use of ribbon.ui.



how to run it


how to adjust bones to respecting bones of puppet rig.



i cant make second ribbon thru this script.

also to adjust bones i use match transform it right.

how to elbow lock.



import worked.



elbow lock worked i think.

nurbs plane flip at 90 degrees up and down of humerusB and foreArmB so that joints also flip which is obvious.



this is what i get

it twist from six places .thats good.

it does not bend from bones humerusA and C and forearmA and C.therefore it is not in circle and using connection editor and using constriant does not work to bend A and C. How to bend from A and C.




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