Bend Deformer Just Moves my Object


I’m applying a bend deformer to an object and all it does is moves the object around and not bending it. I’ve tried several different sizes, modes, options, etc. Any idea what I am doing wrong?



My first guess (without an actual screenshot) would be that you don’t have enough vertices available for deformation - i.e. you’ve tried it on a cube with only 8 verts, and therefore you only get a shearing/moving action. In other words, make sure your object is sufficiently subdivided to actually be able to bend in the first place.


Edit: Late post. Ooops. . .already covered above.

make sure the deformers position and dimesions match your object in a relevant way, as well as make sure your object has enough subdivisions to bend.



The oject does have many segments & points. Here is the file:


OK, not sure what the final result is supposed to look like, but what you need to do is to rotate the bend deformer - try a 90 degrees pitch for instance.


Ahhhh, that did it. I needed to orient the bend deformer. THANKS!


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