Bench seating, Nitin Mahale (3D)


Title: Bench seating
Name: Nitin Mahale
Country: United Arab Emirates
Software: 3ds max, VRay

Hello friends…!
thought of doing some concept of dining,so started on another personal project…Dining".
it is partially my concept as i referred to some interior magazine for the design,and it came out pretty well as i had thought.
Softwares used 3dsmax 9 + Photoshop CS 2…constructive comment’s,always welcome.Thank you !

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outstandingly realistic!!! 5 stars from me


truly awesome man, realy like teh modd, but i would just say that change the white mat on the chair it looks too cg and behaves like plastic around the corner, make it leather or some thing interactive to light, so the light can bounce back a bit, very nice scene though.
4 stars from me


nice pic. i like the materials, especialy the wood. great lighting and rendering. 5 stars.


Awesome work!


Sweet…wish I could achieve the same. Great design on the table… is it your concept or modelled on a real world table ? Favorite is the glass panel on the wall and I think this, and the reflections in it really sell the shot. Agree with the crits about the chair - something about the seat cushion doesn’t sit right.

great job!



I’m not sure how I would ever know that was CG. Simply incredible. Any tips on the lighting?


Thank you fellows…!

 Rabatscher: thank you :)
 Neox3d : i thought of giving(white chair material) as per the mood of the room,but neways i will sure try something different,thank you :)
 Creieru & Bubbaloo : thank you mates ;)
 EthicsGradient : i modelled from real world objects,and yes i also liked the glass panel very much...! thanks for liking :)
 MrPositive : Thank you bro,yah i will posting some settings sooner,

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much inspired from you
4 from me


Arf, that’s amazing ! :thumbsup:

I agree with others, great lighting and shading. I like especially all the window area.

The shadows under the plates and objects on the table seem a bit too dark for me, just a personal taste. :slight_smile:


hey come on mann…tht’s real mann…tht’s real… wow…brother I’d love to make a scene like this mann… outstanding work mann…***** :bounce: :bounce:


Thanks guys for such nice comments :slight_smile:

xindgi : glad that someone liked it so much :wink:

Shimrodd : Thank you…!

prabodha : hehe,thank you…:wink:


nice work dude. Cozy little dining room. I love the wood texture. Thumbs up from me :slight_smile:


amazing, very sweet light and atmosphere. Compliments


Wow this is amazing! Great work.
The modeling looks phantastic and
the Lighting is awesome… Thumbs up!


Looks fantastic. Great job man. Keep up the good work.

Lighting is perfect for the scene. :slight_smile:


very, very nice work.



…that it’s wonderful! But it poses the same question we’ve all been dealing with when it comes to realism: is realism supposed to mimic a camera, or is realism supposed to mimic our eyes?

The modeling, texturing, and lighting is excellent, don’t get me wrong! But why is the lighting so blown out? To mimic this with a camera, you’d have to overexpose the image quite a bit. Does this make any sense? If you tried it with optical realism instead, would it still look as good?

Something to consider for your next one, perhaps!


fantastic render! lighting, modell and materials looks perfect. did u use QMC sampler for sec. bounce here? and how long were the render times?

this is just great,dude!


I really love this work. Very well done. The lighting and modeling are top notch. You really captured the feel. The only crit I have is a minor one and that is the would. The sides of the table and chairs need to have the grain broken up a bit. And some of the cross peices on the chairs have the grain going in the wrong direction. As a wood worker this stands out to me, but only because I work with it.