Behind the Iron Curtain-Digital arts workshop!


Hi guys,

I just wanted to announce something special.
For 4 days in late Red October the heart and soul of the digital arts community will be Behind the Iron Curtain, on  the streets of Bucharest, Romania, as the first Eastern European Concept Art based workshop will unfold!
Me and my partners have been trying our best to come up with the ultimate educational/inspirational/motivational event.And im sure we re on the right track,becos the instructors attending the event have the right stuff!
They have influenced art and the industry greatly with their visions over the years,now they are ready to Uplift the next generations of artists.They need no further presentation :

Stephan Martiniere

Steambot Studios:

David Levy (Vyle)

Thierry Doizon (Barontieri)

Joel Dos Reis Viegas (Feerik)

Sebastien Larroude (Rainart)Kekai Kotaki

Mark Goerner

and more..

The workshop will take place in a monument building ,retrofited into a contemporary and fresh multifunctional space,but still holding its original industrial era presence.
This event will be all about taking education to the next level so empty your thoughts and if you dare step...

[b][Behind the Iron Curtain]([/b]

We are already there waiting for you


check us out on Facebook!

Im posting a few images in Stephan Martiniere s name
Rare opportunity to hear a legend in the field.expect your brain to melt after hearing him teach…
more from the guys soon…


frumos dar departe haha…:buttrock:


Bunch of images from Steambot Studios.




heia guys,

2 more incredbile people join our iron crew
Hollywoods top creature designers Neville Page and Alex Alvarez will be taking you into their process for movies like Avatar,Tron,Star Trek and more.

See you there!


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