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SOooo this thread is pretty cool! So I’m sort of new to this drawing stuff but I’ll be doing the first assignment for beginners that Rebecca posted in the first page and post it up tomorrow because as of the moment now I am doing my Signals and Systems homework for school sigh

Also hiya to everyone! I’m new here too! Trying to get past the 2 posts thing so I don’t have to wait 24 hours to be validated haha. waves


(Hiya Rebecca! ayenlou --> Andy, your student from IVC) hahaha :thumbsup:


Hey Andy,

You should feel free also to create your own Sketchbook Thread in the Personal Anatomy & Sketchbook Thread forum.

Feel free to post the exercises from this thread to your own Sketchbook Thread. See this sticky first:

FAQ: Can I Create My Own Sketchbook or Anatomy Thread?

I mainly monitor the Sketchbook Forum now and encourage everyone to create their own thread. :thumbsup:


I really don’t have enough creations to create my own thread I think…

anyways heres the begenning of a painting representing “david holding the head of goliath” or something as such :


Stanis, that looks like a decent start. I look foward to seeing more. This is an illustration that I did of my Grand Mother for my parents as a christmas gift. She passed away a few years ago but this was her favorite picture so I decided to illustrate it. C&C are GREATLY welcomed. Thanks.

Please check out my sketch book thread


hey guys
first time posting here but i figured this would be a good place to start after all, i’ve been looking for some help with art

did a drawing of a dog and bird
something doesnt look right with the bird but i can’t figure it out


Hey jbyun04. I like both of your pieces. I do feel however that they would both benefit from some kind of background though.

This is my latest piece. I was going to copy one of the master paintings and got bored (ADD) so I decided to do my picture with a little twist. This was originally going to be the Apostel by Rembrandt. I decided to make it the Apostel by Rembr’Anthony. So this is my master works / self portrait piece. The one thing that I am having trouble with is the mouth. I need to learn how to render lips. I hope you enjoy. C&C always welcome!


10 minute sketch (: I suck when it comes to anatomy :frowning: scampers off to practice

and tips for a beginner? :slight_smile:


Hi folks,

Since generally I can’t reply to this thread very often (just too many posts coming in and not enough time to address them in depth) I’m moving this thread to the Personal Anatomy and Sketchbook Thread forum, where I"m hoping that others in the community can lend a hand in providing encouragement and critique. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I just joined today (don’t have many sketches) but here is
a picture from my anatomy work.


Hey everyone,

A while ago I joined this thread and unfortunately got side tracked and never posted anything. I have been working a lot on my pencil skills but have only done about two paintings so far. This is my second one I did last night in the evening. I know the anatomy of the head is pretty weak (the ear especially) but I didn’t really think much of it as I just wanted to try to work with color. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I really need to get better at this medium. Everyday is full of practice, let’s hope I can learn some new things while I’m at it!


Also I was fooling around with a zombie sketch the day before and tried to add color. I wanted to ask, incase anyone knows, about a problem I am having with photoshop. Or maybe it’s not photoshop. Anyways, here is what happens: Whenever I save a painting in photoshop and say, post it online, or view it through an external program it comes out much, much darker. I usually have to go back in fool around with the brightness/contrast to make it look a bit better. Anyone have any idea? But mostly looking for feedback :slight_smile:


Edit: D’oh. So is there a thread for just random paintings for feedback?


I am new around here

is it ok if I go into the assignments as 3d, as in with ZBrush ?
or is it just drawings here ?

as for my background, I am a 3D artist currently generalist
I have been working in the game and production environment and have experience in both
modeling, texturing, setup and animation with a bit of particles and scripting
I have discovered ZBrush about a year ago and ever since I have continuousely tryied to improve, but with lack of anatomy knowledge.
I have recently discovered this thread and I am very anxious to get started :slight_smile:


hi guys
i’m new here :slight_smile:
been lurking around here and found this thread
not so good at figures and stuff yet
most probably i’ll try out the assignment
hope i’ll get some guidance and help here :smiley:


I am definitly using this thread more often.I have been trying to show my art work but it looks absoulutly rubbish compared to all the pros on here.I am not a very good artist so you will have to bear with me.Im only 13 so I dont have alot of eperiance or anything…anyway il post some example pictures in a bit but meanwhile please look at my portfolio…


Heres my first peice on this thread took 15 minutes on…Also I wasnt sure if we were ment to trace it so I traced it,Is that to easy to just trace?


Hi, i’m a new user on this foruns and i’m a beggining art student, that wish to evolve in my drawing and other artistic skills, so here’s some of my sketches:

C&C very welcome, and thank’s to all in advance :wink:


Hi all, i’m new at the boards, so a little tex about myself : i’m a begginer art student who wants to develop my artistic skills where drawing is one of the most important right now, here’s some sketches i made: =D

C&C are very welcome, thanks all in advance :wink:


Hello everyone at CG talk, I shall be recieveing my degree soon in computer animation and would like to start being apart of this great community. Its been so long since I’ve been critiqued and look forward to improving and moving forward as a professional 3d and 2d artist. With that said, here are 3 combined works.


Hello, I´ve been a member for a here while but I always feel very intimidated by huge forums like this and haven´t been much around here. But lately I am - more and more often and found really nice help (like those workshops :slight_smile: ) And now I decided to give it a try.
I did this yesterday for the skull practise one:

I really enjoyed making it and it´s really good compared to some of my other works. But I always need critique.

since you wanted to hear others opinions- heres mine.

I generally like the three sketches. The girl is my favorite one. You caught a really dynamic pose and I even like the skechiness of the piece, it´s somehow fitting. but her foot looks very unfinished and the area around it not clean… that puts it somehow out of the pic- I think because otherwise you used very thin lines…
I also like the guy on the left. It´s refreshing to see people who draw not always the very beautiful kind of men and manga things (although I really like manga :slight_smile: ). He has charackter.
I don´t really like the man in the middle. I think you wanted him to look like a man from the stoneages still for me his lips look too high and his posterior cheek looks way too round for me. What also looks good at the right men, the blueish touch in the pencil-lines, looks wrong for me with the one in the middle. I believe it´s because in conflict with the left here the blue has no weight (points were you have more or less of it) so that it looks (sorry I mean no offense) like you played too much with the layersettings.
:slight_smile: I hope it was understable.

[english is not my native language I hope it´s ok]


Hey everyone, I think it’s great that people are still posting here, but unfortunately for a long time now I’ve not had time to guarantee anyone a reply. I would encourage ANYONE - beginners included! :slight_smile: to start up a Sketchbook Thread instead here:

Personal Anatomy & Sketchbook Threads

You will receive far more attention and feedback there than here. I am closing this thread, not because I don’t enjoy peoples’ posts, but because I set a precedent of being the main person to offer feedback, and I can no longer do so on a regular basis.

We have a great forum here of helpful and participating members - I encourage everyone to start up a Sketchbook and post your work there for feedback. :slight_smile:

You are still more than welcome to use the exercises here to get started, but post them in a Sketchbook Thread instead.

Cheers! :slight_smile: