BEGINNERS' Drawing Workshop - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain


I bought the book! Better late than never I suppose.
Gotta run… I’ve got some drawing to do.


It’s a great book. I wish this were a more active thread. I’ve hit a real life wall the last couple of weeks. I hope to get back to it soon. I only have the last 2 or 3 chapters to do.


Exercise #1

Sorry, no scanner (I’m travelling).

As expected, the self portrait is not up to snuff. Doesn’t look like me. I’m not that angry looking :stuck_out_tongue:

Self Portrait.

Drawing a person from memory… zero resemblance!

Drawing my hand.


Good stuff. funny but my self portrait came out with me looking angry also. I’m also younger, thinner and have more hair, lol. Hmmm., how did that happen? LOl.


Hey guys,

My first post (I’ve been lurking for a while though) and I’m absolutely inspired by what people have posted here, I’ve struggled with my drawing for a bit since taking it up a couple of months ago - work just seems to overtake everything.

Anyway, I’ve got a copy of the book on order, should arrive today fingers crossed and I’ll try to post my exercises here if that’s okay.

Kind regards and thank you to all



Re: FreddyF.

Of all the advice you can get, “just do it” is the best. Man, if only I could recall that 3-year thread on an art forum about a guy who posted up his work almost every night…

Basically some guy managed to do at least a painting or a drawing once a day. His efforts were child-like to begin with, however he drastically improved over those three years with sheer practice. Now hes a really good artist.


Hell yeah, please do. I need inspiration. I’ve been on and off also. Work and all that. Anyway, maybe we can awaken this thread :slight_smile: Actually, maybe we need to start a new one?


I’m happy to post anywhere I’m pointed :slight_smile:

I’ve also just joined a local life drawing class to help push me along, I think last night was the most successful for me yet . I

t was interesting to observe that I had the most fun when we had to draw quick two, three and four minute poses where I wasn’t to concerned with detail and wasn’t worried about the outcome - most of the more “experienced” artists struggled with these exercises.

Anyway, back to the book. It arrived yesterday, I had a quick flick through and can’t wait to start the exercises.


It’s been awhile but I’m back at it and hopefully will one day make it through the book.

Here’s my rendition of my hand. Photoshop CS2 and a 9 x 12 Wacom. I’ve no idea how to do shading but I guess the book will cover that in time.


I found myself not thinking in negative space and thus may have missed much of the point of the exercise. However I worked about 1.5 hours on the chair, and though I don’t want to rush on too quickly, I’ve gained some momentum and don’t want to get bogged down. So below is my offering.


At the end of chapter 7 is a picture by Winslow Homer Child Seated in a Wicker Chair and another by Rubens entitled Studies of Arms and Legs. The exercise is to copy both. The girl is posted below and the Arms and Legs study is posted next.

Both were drawn in Photoshop CS2 with a Wacom.


Study of Arms and Legs



Thus far seeing in perspective has been quite challenging though also intriguing. I sat in the foyer of my house and drew the front door. Over a period of three weeks I drew it 6 or 7 times before I got it anywhere close to right. I had the hardest time seeing things in 2D and convincing myself to put down on the canvas the lines that were actually represented.

The below image is a photograph, well actually two photographs I spliced together and altered in Photoshop to accentuate the lines.

Now here’s the image I drew using Illustrator and a Wacom pad. Note that this drawing was not a tracing of the photograph. I used my eyes, a protractor, a ruler, and my Wacom pen to measure distances and angles.

Below is the drawing over the photograph. Note the differences in various angles - particularly the tile on the floor. Even after 6 or 7 attempts I couldn’t convince myself that the angles were as sharp as represented in the photograph.


My “real” perspective drawing is a picture of my living room and foyer as seen from my couch. My initial drawing was pencil and paper and took about four hours. The above drawing was completed in Illustrator over a period of 10 days or so. Though I’m not sure how many hours I spent in total it was probably at least 8 hours.


Of course 8 hours for the above is slow, slow, slow. However, I hope that by not rushing the learning process I’ll actually go faster in the end.


At the end of chapter 8 is a Charles White illustration entitled Preacher with the instructions, “Study it. Copy it, turning the drawing upside down if necessary.” Thus my rendition of Preacher.

I’ve yet to learn anything about shading. Also as the purpose of the exercise is to study perspective, I thought it a more prudent use of time not to shade it.

It probably took about six hours to do this. I found the hands particularly difficult. Tracing the original was a helpful exercise. I found that after I had traced a line several times on the original my hand gained some muscle memory and I was able to more easily reproduce the line in my own work.

Created in Photoshop CS2 with a Wacom.


I love this book it started to spark me making a effort to improve my artistic skills and proved to me at least that everyone can do it. I think people who do the brain training with math skills should do this so both sides get a work out.


it’s so sad to see this threat has been left over… :sad: :cry: (sorry for my lame english usage btw…:hmm: )

anyway i’m new like many others should be… and after leaving any arty thing for 10 years, i want to retake it. (no i was never good but i used to like it tough :hmm: ) so i also apologize if my sketches and things aren’t good enough, but that’s why i love this beginners thread so much. :wink: .

i just bought the book :drool: (drawing on the right side of the brain)… and i’m out of thoughts by now haha :argh: i guess i got scared. XD haha.


This is my first attempt to do the first exercise. I am 30 years and I have found this passion to learn drawing immensely growing within. This is my first sincere effort. I had never been to any art school and now I cannot afford to take up an art class. This forum is invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration. I really want to work hard from scratch and try to be better in the course of time. Thats my goal… Thanks a lot for such a great forum and thread, for a novice like myself… this is a great opportunity to start learning How to draw.


This is my first exercise. I want to learn drawing. Seek guidance. I will follow the guideline and work dilligently. I am a novice in drawing. But I am enjoying the experience. This forum is so enlightening. Thank you Rebecca.