BEGINNERS' Drawing Workshop - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain


Thanks Rebecca for the pointers.

I wasnt sure if these exercises would belong in the personal sketchbook thread as they will not all be figure and anatomy related. However, it would be a fun way to track my progress. Maybe I’ll start that thread and cross post them there also.



Anything related to drawing people / anything organic is welcome on the Anatomy Forum. :slight_smile: Feel free to post whatever you like to your own thread, even if it’s not directly related to Anatomy. No worries. :wink:


Hey, I just finished the first exercise of the book.
Here are two shots of my hand drawing. I know there are some anatomy and general mistakes (just saw the size of my thumb is much too big). I hope i can improve my skills while I’m doing the exercises in this book and the practices on the “the structure of man” dvd’s.




Hey, not bad at all. Just keep focusing on negative-space and only what you see - it requires quite a bit of practice so keep working on it:thumbsup: .


In the last few days I did the next exercises from the book.
I had some problems with the second picture (horse) more precisely with the sphericity of the bottom.
The last picture didn’t fit on the small piece of paper (my fault).

c & c are welcome! :slight_smile:







Nice work! Keep going. :slight_smile:


Yes, definitely keep going. Speaking of which, I’d better get my next drawing started…:smiley:


I finally managed to put some time aside on Sunday and was reading through BattleStar Galactica magazine when a picture of James Callis(Baltar) caught my eye. At first I tried to place it all by sight alone, but ended up spliting the picture up into fours using a ruler to map it out. I think I’m over-relying on this technique as I found that I was concentrating too much on each quadrant rather than taking a look as to how the four came together to form the whole picture.

Some bad mistakes in the shape of the mouth and chin(actually, the whole jaw is off!) and for some reason I had difficulty trying to make out the hair.

Still, rather than leaving it for months on end, I shall be making an effort to do a picture every Sunday.:smiley:


Hey Boon, great work! :thumbsup:

How long have you been drawing now? Did u use the Betty Edwards stuff at the beginning?



I’ve always been drawing since I was little, but in recent years(due to work and programming) its been difficult to find time for it. I only bought Betty’s book a couple of years ago but its teachings have made a drastic improvement in my skill. Beforehand I was more passionate than skilled…

The thing I have learned to do is to map(lightly) the image infront of me and then when I am convinced I’ve taken it as far as I can - I turn the drawing and reference upside down. Trust me - you’ll spot mistakes straight away!

Even after all that effort its still has mistakes - below his nose and the side of his face where the contour is too “bumpy”. It easy enough to say “oh, reference the center of the drawing a guide”, but you can reference other parts of the picture to help position nearby areas.

I suppose the best advice I could give is to explore your reference more than draw it. Thats what I shall do when I come to do my next picture.:thumbsup:


First post to forums. Hi everyone.

Is this an active on-going thread? I purchased the book last week and this seems like a great idea.


It would appear so! Please, feel free to post up your exercises.:thumbsup:


Ok, so here’s my self port… my very first ever. Never tried doing one before. gotta say… it kind of looks like me but not really. the mouth is almost right, the eyes are so so, the hair is right on, so is the nose. Over all I look too young… I’m gonna be 57 in July and I carry a few more pounds around too. Don’t know why it came out that way. Sigmund, can you hear me??? :scream:

Anyway, I did the face/vase thing and was amazed. I completely froze up for about 5 seconds until I switched over, LOl. it was a strange feeling. Enjoying the eye opening “Ah ha” moments I’m getting from this book. Well worth the time and money to finish. Gonna finish the hand and drawing from memory this weekend. Comments are welcome and wanted. Thanks in advance, all.



Great scott, that is a good attempt. Shading is rather good too!

I suppose my only advice would be to try again once you have done some other pictures. I’d bet that when you come to do your next self-portrait you will be pleasantly surprised!:thumbsup:


Thanks Boone, I hope you’re right. I’ve always loved sketching with pencil. My dad was great at it. I always had to be “in the mood” while he always had paper and pencil in hand. He also could draw things from memory while I need some sort of reference. that’s why I’m doing this now… I want to draw like that.


I just got the book the other day. I don’t have a scanner, but I’m planning on getting a drawing tablet next week.


Well, this really looks worse than it is, due to having to take a picture of it…


Another photo of my drawing…


Hey, Aslave. Looks good to me. Not having a scanner is a bummer. It does cut down on the quality. There doesn’t seem to be much interest or input to this thread anymore but I’ll keep posting my stuff anyway. Here’s my hand drawing.


Re: Aslave & vENTANA.

I like those hands!:slight_smile: