BEGINNERS' Drawing Workshop - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain


Gorned, don’t give up! I think I posted earlier, that contour drawing drove me so mad that I put the book down for a very long time! Wish I hadn’t. I think there’s something about this book that drags you kicking and screaming outside of your comfort zone, I have to admit I rather dread most of the exercises! :argh: But, I’ve been augmenting them with my own, that I enjoy more - and, well, I’m seeing such improvement that it’s totally worth it!

Course, now we’re in full swing getting the house ready for sale - so much work to do, may not be able to do much for a while, but will keep trying to at least practice a little each week and keep watching here. Looking forward to seeing your stuff! :slight_smile:

Also, w0lf - were you able to get the book?

As for the 7 or 8 hours, I did the drawing in chunks, so I’d draw an hour or two and then take a break. For most of the time I was drawing, I didn’t notice the time pass. But, I notice if I go too much longer than 1-2 hours then I start to get inpatient and then I stop enjoying myself and start getting sloppy! I think that happened about half way through this - need to find a way to work faster.



Not sure how much I’ll put up in here, but I’m currently working my way through the Workbook, and am being very start and stop. I’ve gotten the first handful done of exercises, but I only have the first self-portrait, hand, and corner exercises scanned. Here we go.

More to come later.


Welcome, Asatira. :slight_smile: Good to see you posting here!



Welcome! Nice job on your portrait, I like the expression you were able to portray there. I look forward to seeing more of your work :slight_smile:

How far into the book are you? Have you done much drawing before?



Thanks, RebeccaK.

Deco-3d: I’ve gotten through exercise 15, and I go back and re-do a couple of the exercises if I feel I need to review it. I’ve been drawing off and on since junior high, just never consistently. I’m not expecting drastic changes, but I do expect improvements once I get to the values part of the book and workbook.

And thanks for the crit!


Is this thread still open to participation?? I actually bought this book years back but never found enough enthusiasm to go past the first few chapters due to various factors.

I must warn you all, my quality of drawing is quite newbish. I still have problems drawing eyes, faces and even expressions. But that don’t mean I didn’t stop trying!! :smiley: I’ll start with Chapter one right after I finish reading this text. Oh, and I need to wake up first. =P



This thread is more or less continually open, so you are welcome to join in. :slight_smile:


Regarding some of the items in the “Drawing materials” section:

For starters, I don’t know where to buy a clear plastic piece from. =( I live in Singapore, btw, so I don’t think I want to start shipping items from the US or Europe(the shipping charges would be murder). Would a clear plastic sheet suffice? The type used for wrapping books, that is.

Hmmm… I just hope that the shops nearby do sell black cardboard pieces. Otherwise, perhaps, I could cut them out from some cardboard boxes and errr, paint them black? Or colour them black with permanent markers, I think!

Oh and thank you so much for the welcome! :smiley:


Artfriend is your friend. :wink: They stock a huge range of art materials, and while I haven’t seen acetate specifically, I also haven’t actually looked specifically. :slight_smile: They definitely have all manner of colored cardboard of varying stocks, though. There are two branches I can think of: one’s at Takashimaya (I believe it’s on the 4th or 5th floor), and the other is at Bras Basah (3rd floor).


Hello, fellow Singaporean, thanks for the tip! :smiley: :o I’d completely forgotten this shop existed. :stuck_out_tongue: Will go as soon as possible. Let’s all hope it doesn’t cost more than 20 bucks total. I am oh so broke, ahahahaha.

Erm, what’s “acetate”? :open_mouth: Is it a form of plastic? ^^;;


Chapter 9: Warm-up Exercise
Here goes… am really pleased with the results. 'Course, this took me 3 or 4 hours! Erm, if copying a relatively simple line drawing takes that long, how will I ever get a real person to sit still long enough for me to draw them for the “real” exercise? :blush:

Sargent - Mme Pierre Gautreau (reference)


Exercise 11

Workbook 14

Workbook 15


Asatira, I’m so glad to see you posting more of the exercises. Great job on that chair! I guess the back right leg is a little funny, but you really did a nice job on a lot of the details - I wonder if there were parts (like maybe while you were doing the back) where you were really absorbed in it, and then parts where you were fighting l-mode? I thought that chair was going to be so easy and then I hard such a hard time focusing when I did mine!

Anyway, keep up the great work! Looking forward to seeing more of your progress. :slight_smile:



I’m definately going to do more negative drawing exercises. I really enjoy doing them. I need to work on where I’m doing the shifting and such. Definately a little L-mode getting in there, I think. I plan to post more drawings based on the exercises as I get to them.


I’m embarking on the journey of learning to draw. As I’m working through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, I was very pleased to discover this thread. Here’s my initial portrait drawn on a Wacom in Photoshop CS2.


I really had a hard time with this one and definitely noticed the brain locking up and going into involuntary convulsions. In retrospect I would have drawn guidelines to help me. As it is I think the pic tells the story.


This one was fun. Took me about an hour. I found that drawing upside down and concentrating on the details of drawing a line and comparing it to surrounding lines without worrying about the pic as a whole quite enlightening. I wasn’t even aware of the foreshortening of the leg as I was going through this process and yet got some decent results.


I can definitely tell that I’ve got to work on endurance! This exercise took me two hours and I found it quite difficult to persevere. ‘Real artist’ may persevere for countless hours over weeks and months.



Welcome! I look forward to seeing your improvement here. :slight_smile:


Hi, David, great start! I particularly like the one of the knight on the horse. Are you doing all of this with the wacom or is some of it pencil and paper? I’ve been thinking I want to learn with pencil and paper before I move onto the wacom but would be curious to hear your thoughts on this.

Oh, and I know what you mean about endurance - am really struggling with that as well - curious to hear how you deal with it as you move forward. Really looking forward to seeing the rest of your exercises!