BEGINNERS' Drawing Workshop - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain


Hi All,

I’ve joined this thread in the hope that I can improve my drawing skills. I’ve been involved with 3d modelling & texturing for about 2-3 years and I’m currently at a brick wall. I feel that I need to take some time out to try and improve my drawing skills. Where possible, I’ve decided to use my wacom, which has been gathering dust for about 2 years, as I actually prefer using it to pencil & paper. I would however like to hear opinions on whether or not it’s viable to learn to draw using digital media only.

Anyhow, here are the exercises from the first 4 chapters, all, except the self portrait, where done using a wacom in Photoshop.


Hi out there,

I just stumbled into this thread and am horrified that i doesn’t joined a year ago.
Is this thread active anyway and may i post my Drawings here?
Is Rebeccak still there, to hold a newb’s hand?



I also just found this thread and am already a few chapters into the book as I’ve been reading it on my own.

I’ll go ahead and post what I have so far, who knows maybe we can make it active again.



Oops, I think my first post was sacrificed to the validation Gods, so trying again…

I also just found this forum and would love to do the exercises with anyone else who may be interested. I’m already a few chapters in so am posting my first 4 exercises here.

Exercise 1:
As I’m sure is blindingly obvious, I’ve never done any drawing before. I really see what she means about the symbols, freaky.

Exercise 2:
I had a really hard time with this, as is evidenced by all the erased-but still visible-lines. I didn’t actually succeed at finding a way around the problem.

Exercise 3:
The first part of this exercise – the pure contour drawing – was SO frustrating that I put down the book and stopped reading it for, well, I’m embarassed to admit how long I put it down for. But, it all felt very helpless. I finally picked it up again and am not sure I understand why I was quite so miffed by the exercise the first time, but, I still had to do it 3 times to get what I think she was aiming for…

Exercise 4:
This exercise was very frustrating as it took me several hours to do. But, it is the first exercise that clicked for me so perhaps there might be hope for me after all…

That’s as far as I’ve gotten through the book so far. I have done a few more samples for practice so am thinking about starting my own sketch thread with this and more.

If there is more interest in this thread - Gorned, would love to see your work as well, I know I’m a bit ahead but maybe we can do this together - then I’ll post my future exercises here as well. Looking forward to comments and critiques.



I hope somebody else looks in this thread…
I got the book, well 4 month. And all i’ve done so far, is to look at the before after drawings…, till Yesterday. I’ll put my Attempts in here, when i put my scanner to work.
Anyway. Your Hand looks pretty good. You seem to have the known problem with the vases/faces exercise. From my Point of view, i think you only have to try to change to the ‘right’ side… So the book in your hands should make your drawings better.

Sorry for my english, it’s somewhat rusty, i think.



deco-3d and Gorned,

Please continue to post your work here, and / or to a Personal Sketchbook Thread. :slight_smile: I won’t really be critiquing these exercises, but I do check in to see how people are doing - please use this Workshop as a catalyst to post your updates and to see your progress!





Great! Am looking forward to seeing your postings. I think you’re right, I’m having a really difficult time switching to R-Mode. I tried to do Exercise 4 last night and gave up after an hour and a half (yikes, is this pathetic??) - I get all caught up measuring spacing precisely and can’t ever get into the actual drawing. But, I feel encouraged by my hand too - so, who knows. I’ll try again and hopefully have something to post then.



First things first. @Rebecca thx for reply. I think you are very busy, i appreciate that.

With Exercise 4 you mean the picasso thing? I want to do it today. Hopefully i’ll get into the zone. But if not, it’s just an exercise and i realy believe one could improve by trying.
By that i mean post your attempt, some nice words about it would make you go on, won’t they?

So here we go. My Portrait is a bit cheated, cause i didn’t do it from a mirror but from a sepia photograph.




Wow, you went through those fast! Nice level of detail in the self portrait and hand. Have you done any drawing before?

I think I got the exercise numbers mixed up (I just edited my post above to correct). I actually meant Exerise 5 - the negative spaces. But, since you mention it, here is my Picasso:



Thx for the compliment. The hand isn’t good, especially in comparisson with yours. But we’re here to learn, aren’t we?
I didn’t do drawing before. My aim is to do 3d and hope drawing helps me to get the proportions right.

Your Picasso looks pretty close, only the hands seem not to fit. Did you draw from the outside to the inside? Or just follow line by line?
I’m impressed and eager to try it myself…
Did you have thougts about drawing this one upside up, just to verify that this exercise works?




Oh no, I think you misunderstood - it is confusing because the exercises in this forum don’t ask for every one that the book does, so I didn’t post my pre-instruction hand - yours is MUCH better than mine was :slight_smile:

The hand I posted was from the excercise in Chapter 6, I’m sure you will be happy with the one you do for that exercise if you like mine!

Thanks on the picasso. I started from the bottom and covered everything but the top 1" and copied that straight across. Then, I moved down to the next 1", and so on. I did not try it right-side up, but I did try some other things right-side up and they were awful, nothing as good as this!



ups, i should’ve read first and then write.

Anyway, i think i’ll post every done exercise from the book, just to see if i’m getting better or not…

Like everyone in the western hemisphere, i’m a bit busy before christmas. I haven’t done any drawing lately. Hope i get something done till new years day.
What about your negative spaces exercise?

By the way, merry christmas,


Exercise 5

Here it is - not too exciting. But, I think the first version I tried (a chair inside of a nook with some really cool, hard shadows) was just a bit much for me. So, I went back to simple and this came out better. (These exercises keep tricking me into thinking that I really know how to draw so everytime I start a new one I get a bit of a shock! :wink: )

I am also going to try copying the 2 pictures in the book, but figured I’d go ahead and post this now so you didn’t think I’d given up!

Have a Merry Christmas!



I tried to copy the other 2 drawings, but I fear the first (Child Seated in Wicker Chair) is just beyond my capabilities right now. I looked back in the forum but only saw one other person who had posted this (Hoixz in post #330 and s/he did an amazing job with it!). Am curious if other people found this beyond their capabilities, or if I’ve just failed to get something I should have out of the book thus far.

Anyway, I’ll post what I was able to do. FWIW, I rather enjoyed drawing the chair itself and even found the girl’s legs interesting. But after that, I was just at a loss. I tried upside down drawing the rest, but I think you need to be able to shade better than I can to distinguish all the lines from one another. So, I erased the horribleness and, well, here’s what I had left…

[i]Child Seated in a Wicker Chair, Homer /i

[left]I think I’m pretty happy with the 2nd one. This seemed a much better exercise to practice negative spaces because I was able to draw almost all of the outline (at least for the legs and the right side of the arms) using negative spaces. Then, I just roughly filled in the details.[/left]
Studies of Arms and Legs, Ruben (Original)



I never realised how important 2D knowledge is for a 3D artist until quite recently. I am feeling very down since i didnt have training on the traditional drawing. I think i’ll stop 3d for a while and concentrate on 2d. Heading out to buy the book.

Thank you very much for the thread. This is as good a place as any to start.


w0lf, that’s just what I’m doing as well - will be terrific to have more people, really looking forward to seeing your work! :slight_smile:



Chapter 8: Perspective

Below is my work for the sighting angles exercise in Chapter 8. This is the practice sighting (before we do a “real” perspective drawing) and was actually the one done with the aid of a picture plane. We were only supposed to do the lines where the ceiling and floor met the corner wall, but I was very interested in taking it further and before I knew it - voila, I had an entire corner done (also good practice on drawing straight lines and shading!).

I made a couple of very stupid mistakes while I was doing this - both turned into sort of “ah hah” moments that I think really helped me figure this out, so this was really helpful.

Sighting Angles (with aid of picture plane)

[left]I didn’t do the whole thing in the picture plane, just the corner and then a couple lines where I had difficulty figuring them out (like the top of the closet). But, it was extremely helpful to me. Next up, to draw a corner without this aid, hmm…[/left]


Hi there,

Sry for not posting in here. I was ashamed, because i didn’t do exercises lately.
But no more excuses. A new year is about to begin, and i realy want to learn drawing that year.
I’ve just done the Picasso. But my Scanner’s gone to hell and i won’t get a new one till mid of january, so there will be no pictures of my Drawings till then.

I’m looking forward to see your progress.

First of all, your chair with the kid is pretty close. What you have so far is beautyful.
I like the Detail of your latest post. You go by a very fast pace and one can see your progress. Thx for Sharing.



Gorned, no problem at all - I’m trying to go a bit fast while I have time. I’m about to start getting our house ready for sale and so my time is going to drop pretty drastically pretty quickly - so, maybe some time for you guys to catch up since I started ahead. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your kind words, they are really appreciated. It’s funny, some of what I draw I go “wow! I can’t believe I drew that” and then other stuff, well… it makes me realize I still have a ways to go. I think I’m at the point though where I can actually depict things decently, it just takes a lot of time. Below is my real perspective drawing… aieee, this took many many hours - maybe 7 or 8?? Isn’t that crazy? I look at it and go “how could that take so long?” I have no idea. But, well, here it is… :slight_smile:

Chapter 8: Real Perspective Drawing

[left]Happy New Year, guys! :)[/left]




7 to 8 hours? Puh. But the result rocks… Did you recognize the time passing? If not, i think you were in the right state of mind, and drawing fullfills you. That’s excellent isn’t it?
Nice room by the way.

Hope i’m going to draw the negative Spaces today.
The pure Contour Drawing wasn’t my exercise realy. Perhaps i shouldn’t judge the result so much, since it’s a training for mind i think.

Happy new year,