BEGINNERS' Drawing Workshop - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain




I would love to take part in this class! However I think the timing might be wrong for me at least in the beginning. In two weeks I am leaving on my honeymoon and won’t be back until Sept. 12. So I basically wouldn’t be able to start until that week.

When would the first assignment be due by? I’d really like to take part as my drawing skills definitely need all the help they can get!

You think it would still be possible for me to join and start as soon as I get back?


my roomie, has this book(actually the prvious edition), and recommended it to me a week ago… and I just started it… I finished the PIcasso illustratioon excersise last night, and I must say, I am amazed at what I did! this is such a good book…can’t wait to reach the end.


If any of you are in the US and are interested, here is an ebay auction on the book. You might wanna snag it if its cheaper than your local book store.


The first exercise is not due till four weeks from now. The self protrait will only take you about 30 mins to 1 hour. So you have plenty of time. Besides if you come in a bit late, thats okay too. Why? Becuase it is never too late to learn to draw, and who am I to stand in the way of anyones progress. The timeline is just a way to light a fire under our butts.

Come on…wad’ya say!!!

2 weeks to get the book.
2 weeks to complete the first 3 exercises and post the self-portrait.



This sounds great! I’ve just ordered my copy. I’m going to be quite busy with college work and other things but I’m going to make an effort to join in as best I can :slight_smile:

Thanks for this opportunity :slight_smile:


All I gotta say to that is…I’m in! :thumbsup:


Great, I am hoping that we can all be an inspiration to each other.



wow man, this is awesome news. keep up the good work guys.

just a question, when will this workshop thingy end? like what date because i really want to participate but due to me leaving end of october for a holiday I’m not sure if it will be enough time to go through all the exercise’s.

Thanks once again for all your guys hardwork and effort.


can’t believe that there aren’t more replies to this thread, cause i think it’s a really fantastic idea. well, at least it’s perfect for me, exactly what i was looking for.

got the book today, so count me in!

looking forward to a cool time with you guys!



Fus|on and BernieK,

Thanks for your replies! I am hoping that more will participate than are responding. Generally, things are a bit slow at first, then start to snowball. :slight_smile: Folks are free to hop on board whenever they have free time ~ this workshop will run as a sequence through the different chapters, but anyone is free to do these exercises as they can, ie, the workshop is never technically closed, though commentary may cease to be as regular after all the chapters have been gone thru.

Looking forward to everyone’s participation! :slight_smile:



Hi you guys, thanks for the great gather! If I can make the time I’d really benefit from running through this with you folk… Is the first edition suitable or will I need to upgrade?


I think the first addition will be suitable. Great to have you with us. I think once things get going we will ask you guys what speed we should go at. I of course have to check with Rebecca on this as she is the queen bee.

Just for example, in the next 2 weeks I will be running through the book completely and doing all of the exercises just so i know what’s coming and can answer any questions. Of course I will do it again when we start. So far it has been very feasible (for me) to do a chapter a day. While that may be a bit too fast, I can’t imagine that every chapter is going to require 2 weeks to do. So, I will speak to Rebecca (if she has not allready seen this post) and discuss the realities of time with her ( I live in a dream world so I am not allways the best judge). In some of her previous threads she had inquired as to what other postees thought, so I would assume she is open to discussion regarding this topic. However, for right now the time line is 2 weeks and 2 weeks.

Thanks for joining up!

Also let me say that unless Rebecca closes this thread, I die, a large emp blast destroys all electronics or my fingers disapear I will allways watch this thread. So even if time is up and you still want to give the book a try, drop me an email and I will help you through it (maybe even do it with you).



I have had this book (and workbook) on my shelf for about a year now, so I will take this opportunity to work through it with you guys. I’m going to attempt to use the Wacom for the instead of a pencil.

Thanks for taking the time to set this up.


Joel Hooks,

Great! Agreed, I have many books with perfect, unbent spines on my bookshelf too, lol! Glad you’ll be joining us! :slight_smile:



Oh this is too funny! I am soooo up for this exercise like you woudln’t believe!

I am only seeing this post for the first time today. It’s just so ironic that I’ve been planning to buy this book for a couple weeks. I just haven’t had the time or the money to buy it until now. I’m heading over to buy it online right now! Weee!

Rebecca and Stipic_S, you guys rock! This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to see happen for a newb like me. This will be so beneficial!! How unbelievably awesome that not only can I practice the exercises in the book, but get some feedback on them too! Thank you thank you thank you! :bounce:
See you on my first post!


EDIT:Wee!! I bought the book last night at Chapters, read the first chapter and started on the first excercises. Hooray for my right brain! :twisted:


This looks like a really great idea. :applause: I already have another beginner drawing book that I’m working my way through (Keys to Drawing) which I’m pretty happy with, but I’ll certainly check this book out at the store. If there is enough new stuff in there I’ll probably pick it up.

…so count me as a definite maybe. :smiley:


Ok. I want to try this. No! I want to do this! I’ll pick up the book tomorrow.

Is there anything else I need to do?



Great! You need do nothing for a bit over another week, as folks still have time to get their books…if you have paper, pen, and pencil, you should be set to go! Looking forward to your participation! :slight_smile:



Sorry to bother you but I noticed two different ISBN numbers for this book.


It looks like they are the same thing does it matter which one I get?