BEGINNERS' Drawing Workshop - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain


Tried that too :frowning:

I’m using Firefox and I don’t see any images in the pages so I guess it must be due to that.
I’m having real trouble with the face from memory, I can’t seem to reliably visualise and draw whoever it is I’m trying to do…but I guess that’s part of the exercise :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing other sketches in the meantime (I’ve been working through the book fully intending to do the exercises but then get distracted and start sketching other things). I’m going to try and sit down this week and post some sketches relevant to this thread to try and get back on track.
I must say this book has already transformed the way I look at things and I’ve surprised myself and others with some of the sketches I’ve produced.


I’m still having problems making the pics appear on the page rather than as a link so please excuse this.

I’ve been a busy bee tonight!
I did a face from memory, suffice to say it looks nothing like the guy I had in mind.
I was in a meeting today and my eye caught his and I thought 'He’s got a skinny distinctive face, he’ll be easy ’ :wink:
Take my word for it; it looks nothing like him.

I also did the 2 upside drawings (while watching MST3k so they’re a little weak compared to what I could have achieved I reckon)

His face is too long and his right arm is a little ‘fat’ but overall I’m pretty pleased, the perspective on the leg looks nice. I must admit touching him up (oo-er!) after I’d compared it to the oroginal at the end of the exercise but nothing too major.

Again slightly touched up and his right arm this time is too small. I could have made it bigger and it would have looked nicer but I thought I’d do only minor touches to keep to the rules :slight_smile:

I’ve got some other sketches and things I’ve done recently; would it be appropriate to post them in this thread? If not where else can I put them for people to look at ? I don’t want people to think they’re WiP’s, they’re simply things I’ve been doing to improve.

Oh I almost forgot, the vase-face exercise;

I talked all the way through this one as suggested in the book, boy what a difference it made. I can definitely feel my left side chattering away and it can be quite struggle to quiet it down. When doing the upside_down sketch of the guy it felt as though one part of my brain knew a certain line was being drawn wrong but the other was like a dog jumping up saying ‘yeah that’ll do now pay attention to me!!!’. I knew the line wasn’t complete but wanted to stop it there and then.
I can certainly feel the conflict between the 2 sides and it can take a lot of effort to quiet down the left one (although once or twice when I’ve got so frustrated and given up and the doodles and sketches I carry no doing start coming out right)…I guess the lesson here is ‘Patience!’ lol.



Heya, good to see your images! :slight_smile: I can see your images as images fine, and not as links, so I wonder if it’s just this:

Go to User CP > Edit Options > make sure the following are checked:

Show Signatures
Show Avatars
Show Images (including attached images and images in [IMG] code)

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

BTW, you should also feel free to check out this thread when you can:

Beginners’ Lounge

It’s a bit more active than this one, though I would of course encourage you to continue with the Exercises here ~ I think they are great ones! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



hi there!

finally i’m settled again. have re-done the pure contour drawing today and did the modified contour drawing aswell. i’m not really unhappy with the result, but i think i give it a second try… but here’s the first attempt:

unfortunately i don’t have a scanner anymore, so i had to take pics with my camera… so not the best quality… i also had to enhance the contrast of the second drawing quite a bit in photoshop…




Wow, that second drawing is looking quite nice! :thumbsup: I look forward to seeing your next drawing…how do you think that this exercise has helped you? Overall, would you say that you’re getting a lot out of the book? :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:




well, the pure and modifierd contour drawing exercises definitly helped a lot! the whole picture plane thing is making drawing somehow much more enjoyable for me. and now the negative spaces exercise was also great, though i will redo this exercise, i think i wasn’t in the right state of mind today…

Overall i got a lot out of this book (and i’m just half way through it…). and out of this workshop (which unfortunaltly isn’t so popular anymore…). thanks again rebeccaK btw!!! great job!!!

long story short: you rock!!! :thumbsup:

and here is the exercise:




Kudos to you for being the lone gunman on this thread…:D…thank you for the compliment, and I’m thrilled you’re getting so much out of the book. :slight_smile:

This latest drawing is quite impressive! :thumbsup:

While your peers seem to have evaporated :smiley: I’m still happy to look at the work which you post here. :slight_smile: I think you’re making great progress, and I hope to see more. :slight_smile:




not gonna give up on this thread !!! :smiley:

did the perspective drawing. i caught myself constantly thinking “this edge CAN’T be at that angle” or “this edge CAN’T be shorter than that one…”. but after i drew it anyways it turned out to be (more or less) right… and frankly, also in the previous exercises, i feel much more confident drawing a “difficult” subject than a seemingly simple one… in this drawing the table should actually be the simplest part (or at least i would think so), but in the end that’s the subject i’m least happy with…

and here it is, probably wasn’t the best view for this exercise (since basically only half of the image has some depth).



:blush: Well… I remember saying many months back that I was going to join this great thread and never did. Sorry. I was concentrating too much in trying to learn the software and forgot to learn drawing, anatomy and the fundamentals :banghead:. I have to face it my drawing skills are embarrasing for someone that wants to be an artist. So instead of talking about doing things, I better start doing. Sketching daily on good old paper and pencil. No more talk the talk, its time to walk the walk.

Thank you so much Rebeccak for creating sections in your forum for beginners to feel comfortable enough to post. Its one of the hardest steps but a the most important one. :smiley:

So I am in. I have an older edition of the book, Read CH1 and did the homework:

Exercise 1- Drew looking at someone,

Exercise 2- Draw a face without looking at one… no reference.

:slight_smile: she looks terrified for some reason.



Great to see you doing these exercises! :thumbsup: I think you’ve done an especially nice job with the drawing from life, and would encourage you to draw from life as much as is possible. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing your next exercise!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



:smiley: Thanks Rebeccak. It does make a huge difference drawing from life… its like having a easy reference to where all the things are supposed to be :slight_smile:





I am working on exercise 2 now… it was hard to find time to read the chapter this week. but ill be posting what I have learned by the end of this weekend. :smiley:


Im trying to get the book, then i’ll join you guys.

see yah


Woohoo! Go Ines! :buttrock:


Um, I hope you guys don’t mind, but I have a question about the “vase/faces” excercise at the beginning of Chapter 4, and I apologise if it’s a stupid one.:sad:

In the text it says: “1. Copy the patteren (either Figure 4-2 or 4-3). If you are right-handed, copy the profile onto the left side of the paper facing toward the center. If you are left-handed, draw the profile on the right side facing toward the center. Examples are shown of both the right-handed and left-handed drawings.”

But both Figure 4-2 and Figure 4-3 look exactly the same, yet you’re supposed to copy one depending on what you hand preference is. Is there some thing wrong there or am I just being dim? :rolleyes:

Thanks guys,
Lunarsea. :slight_smile:


Heya Lunarsea, :slight_smile:

See this article for a better explanation:

What does it mean to be right-brained?

This means that the right side of your brain is your dominant side. Usually this is the case with most left-handed people. Normally the dominant hand is what denotes this. In most cases, a left-handed person is right-brained and a right-handed person is left-brained. This is not always the case, though.

The exercise is something of a ‘brain trick’ ~ it’s to see how difficult it is for you to draw the image, depending on whether you are right or left brained. The images are the same, but reversed, so the exercise is meant to show you whether you are right or left brain dominant.

Cheers, :slight_smile:




Thank you, Rebeccak. I understand so much better now. :smiley:

I might try to contribute to this thread with some work that I’ve already done with the book if I get a chance. It’ll be tricky, but I will if I can.



Hello, I was looking at grabbing this book anyway and was wondering if it would be ok to join this thread and work through the exercises or am I way too late?



Sounds good! :wink:


You are more than welcome to join in this thread, and work through the Exercises here. :slight_smile: I am happy to provide some feedback, and I look forward to seeing your work. :slight_smile: