BEGINNERS' Drawing Workshop - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain


Excelent painting Tom :applause: and the ladies don’t hate cracked me up to :slight_smile: .


first of all i just want to say hi :love:, i’ve been in cg talk for a long time i mostly spend my time in the 3d section. been getting a lot of help from great ppl like stahlberg and lunatique i really am grateful for cgtalk. I’ve been learning about figure drawing and anatomy seriously in the past 1-2 year or so, i’ve always been drawing for all my life but never really learn anatomy or figure drawing correctly.
i’ve been watching this anatomy and figurative art forum for quite a while and glad that i found this place, been quietly learning from rebecca and alot of people here ^^;;
well thats my intro >
>. I’ve been having darwing from the right side of the brain but havent got a time to work on it, I saw this thread about last week and just wondering if it’s possible to post drawing from the previous excercise and get comments on it, i know it’s kind of late - sorry :sad:

other thing i want to ask while i’m here, as i said before i’ve been only learning anatomy and figure drawing for only 1-2 year, it’s nothing compared to you guys hehe. I’ve ben tempted to post my own sketches and get comments on it to improve my work, but being a newbie my self i dont have a confidence to make my own thread ( i notice ppl make their own thred to post their work ). (this one is for rebecca --> i was just wondering if I’m allowed to make a thread called beginner lounge probably :scream:, so newbie like me can post their work there without making seperate threads and gain knowledge and constructive comments from the master :). i’ve been learning a lot from this place and i do hope beginners out there find it the same way and do not hesitate to post their own work ^__^/ cheers


Dreamy Kid,

Hey, welcome to the Anatomy Forum! :slight_smile: With respect to your first question about posting work that relates to early exercises, feel free! And re: posting a new thread, “Beginners’ Lounge”, I have no problem with that! In fact, I think it’s a good idea. :slight_smile:

So ~ if you’d like to ~ go ahead and post a new thread titled Beginners’ Lounge and write a brief intro to the thread describing its purpose. :slight_smile: I think a lot of people might be interested in this. :slight_smile:

Don’t be afraid to post your work ~ the purpose here is not to show off, it’s to improve.

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi Dreamy Kid and welcome!

Regarding your question about the beginners’drawing workshop, I can only repeat what Rebecca has said already. Feel free to post work from previous exercises any time you are ready.

The first exercise is intended to serve as a record of how you draw at this moment in time. There is no right or wrong way of doing them, just something to look back on later to see in what way the book has helped you improve your skills. :slight_smile:


hi you all i just orderedthe book from amazon ill join the party (its mysecond year in artschool andi need some practise) so ill post something in two weeks i think
happy to see so many kewl guys all getting along… :beer:


Margie, yup, I’m a fledgling blenderhead. I still have a lot to learn there as well, but I think 2d and 3d drawing will complement each other. Just to show I havn’t been totally idle these last two weeks, I re-did our last 2d drawing exercise in blender.

I still have problems with proportions, the mesh isn’t quite right, there’s absolutely no texturing yet, but I wanted to see if I could take my perspective drawing of my hand and turn it into a 3d object.



Just thought I’d jump in here :slight_smile: ~ very cool! It’s great to see this 2D / 3D correlated project ~ hopefully your work in each medium is bolstering the other. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting. :slight_smile:




Great! Yes, I think 2d/traditional drawing skills will pay off in 3d work. It’s one of the reasons why I’m concentrating on drawing/anatomy atm.

Realistic organic modelling is very new for me too and even though I’ve been using Blender since 2000, I feel a perpetual fledgling. I can’t keep up with the tremendous fast pace the coders are developing new features.

Thanks for sharing this!



Please note that EXERCISE #4 Instructions have been posted at the beginning of this thread, Post #1:

[b]  EXERCISE #4:[/b]

Good luck! Thanks to Margie for writing these up! :slight_smile:




Some additional information to regarding the new exercise I’d like to share.

Before I started studying this book, I always used a grid when I had to draw accurately. Then I began using the guidelines instead of the much finer grid. It often turned out better than I expected, there seemed to be more movement and flow in the drawing. A week of 2-4 15 minute sketches per day and I felt I didn’t need the guidelines anymore.

But then I started to second guess myself and decided to redo a sketch with guidelines. To my surprise, I wasn’t far off at all without the guidelines!

I’ve added a grid on all three pictures to show that there isn’t much difference.


this is a fantastic thread and I only found about it recently. I have the book and have even done the first exercises :smiley: Is it too late to get in? I would really love to join you guys, I love drawing and I want to learn!
Have a great day



Never too late to join in! :slight_smile:

Also, I saw your post in the Art Theories Forum re: practice exercises. Besides the ones here in this thread, you might also want to check out the 15 Minute Sketchathon Thread, which exists as 2 Sticky Threads at the top of this forum. Thread 1 contains Reference images, while Thread 2 is for the Sketches people do from the Reference images in Thread 1. You’re more than welcome to join in! :slight_smile:




Alright I guess it’s time to jump into the water :smiley:
So here are my pre-instruction drawings 1, 2, and 3. I have actually drawn my hand three times in different positions, and trying to focus on different aspects of the technique: form, shading, proportions…
Thank you in advance for the time spent observing them :slight_smile:


Ho Rebecca,
I just forgot to mention THANK YOU for all your help, and all the time you’re giving us. Also your tutorials are amazing! Thanks for everything~~



Great to see you here! :slight_smile: I’m going to let Margie comment on your pieces since this is officially her Workshop. :slight_smile: But I am happy to see your posts, and trust me, it gets easier as you practice more. :wink:

Thank you for your kind words, I greatly enjoy the Forum! :slight_smile:


[/b]Hopefully by now, you all have seen the new:
Beginners’ Lounge

[left]Where anyone is welcome to hang out / post work / make comments / follow the Assignments. It’s a perfect companion thread, I think to this thread. Thanks to Dreamy Kid for the idea to create a Beginner’s Lounge! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi Jerome, thanks for posting your work!

I’ll keep the format of the book for these first drawings and that is to offer no comments. Their purpose is to make a record of how you draw at this moment in time. It’s something to look back on later. :slight_smile: .

Feel free to work through the exercises at whatever pace you feel comfortable with.
The text in the next exercise offers insight into why you draw the way you do now and that it’s not a lack of talent, but simply a stage in your development as an artist.

I second Rebecca’s suggestion to participate in the beginners lounge thread. The most important thing is to start drawing, that’s the only way to learn. The book will teach you the basic skills of drawing and how to “see” with the eye of an artist.

Welcome aboard! I hope you will enjoy the book and join us in the next exercise.


Thanks a lot for your nice and encouraging words. I am going to try drawing as much as possible. As I realized with my first drawings, I feel quite unconfortable with rendering light and shadows. I have quickly read Rebecca’s amazing tutorial (thanks Reb. !), and I am going to try the skull drawing (possibly tonight wowo), but I was wondering if it was still too earl to try copying master’s works? Like rubens, durer studies of anatomy? I am fascinated by these guy’s work, but it is very… daunting!
Thank you very much once again.



The second set of exercises will teach you a little trick to help you get over the feeling “oh no! I’m supposed to copy a Rubens ? I can’t do that!”. Most artists feel daunted when asked to copy a master’s drawing or other things perceived as “difficult” such as faces, hands, something from memory and forshortened limbs.

Betty Edwards calls this inner voice and critic the left side of the brain. It’s not entirely wrong, medical research has shown the verbal centers of the brain (Broca’s region) are located in the left hemisphere for most people. The same part of the brain also deals with naming, categorizing and organizing things. But it’s not very good at simply perceiving the world without making judgements and that’s what artists must do. Just watch, observe and draw what you see without making judgements.

Exercise #2 says to read to page 50 and do the vase/face exercise. This exercise is meant to let you experience the conflict between these left and right hemispheres while drawing. After you’ve done that exercise, I suggest reading a little more and do the upside down drawing on page 57. You’ll do a mastercopy of a Picasso. Maybe after that, the idea of copying a master drawing is a little less daunting.

The book teaches a few ways to shut up this inner critic, mainly by presenting a task that the left brain thinks is impossible to do. Another good way of letting the right brain take over is to do a sketch in very little time - say - 2, 5 or 15 minutes. Seems impossible doesn’t it?

It’s never too early to do mastercopies, as long as you keep in mind that the goal is not to make an exact, perfect copy, but to learn from these masters. The beauty of doing master copies is that there’s always something to learn from them, no matter what level of skill you have. I’ve copied some Dürer drawings several times and each time I’ve discovered something I didn’t know before. :slight_smile:

Earlier in this thread, Igor coined the phrase “Right Hemisphere Liberation Front”. I hope you take the plunge and become part of the RHLF. It’s fun! :slight_smile:


Thank you!
It’s time to draw :D. And I am proud of being a member of the RHLF! Once again thank you so much for all your advices!


hi all!

here is my drawing of the hand from exercise#3. i didn’t really have the right tools for it, but i think i got the point of the exercise. quite hard to not move at all for a few minutes (and a pain in the neck to keep one eye closed for so long :scream: ).