Beginner Question: Primatte with different sized footage


Hi there, probably this sounds stupid, but there’s problem that drives me crazy.
I have a fg with 960x720px and I wanna put it on a 2816x2112px bg. Whenever I connect the Primatte’s input just gives me the size of the fg. I already checked the primatte crop and the project settings (and I guess the bounding box has the right size?). Sorry, I’m just switching from AE to Nuke and questions like this make me feel really stupid :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! Alex


for most cases its better to do the merge after the key. you can still leave you bg connected but change the ouptut from “composite” to “premultiplied” (in the primatte node) and add a merge after that and do the merge there.
so you can add other nodes to you keyed footage (like a transfrom or colorcorrect) before it gets merged over your BG


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