Beginner, lost a lot of work, auto-save?



after spending a few hours on a model, I wanted to append a sub-tool sphere, clicked append - sphere3D.
then thought I was supposed to click make polyMesh3D. clicked, zap, all gone. hadn’t saved. nothing in quickSave except stuff from days ago. that’s just that is it? no alerts, nothing. just ZAP, like a big middle finger in your face for not knowing the program inside out. I’m starting to get to grips with it but some aspects of this software are very, very frustrating. so anyway, what’s the best setup for not losing work? why isn’t there anything in quickSave from today then?

thanks /S


Not sure what to say about the lost work. If there are no quicksaves then I guess you’re out of luck.

I never rely on quicksaves or autosaves in any program. I developed a habit, years ago, of always doing a manual save every 15 minutes or so. For me, the autosave function is just a backup in case a crash occurs in between my normal manual saves. If there’s an autosave file, great, if not, I only lost maybe 5 or 10 minutes of work.


thanks man, yeah I usually make sure to continually hit save aswell, but in for instance Maya, i have the auto-save enabled at all times and a whole drive dedicated to auto-save files. you might spend a long time doing something and then realize it’s not going the way you want it to and want to revert back several steps. incremental manual saving can sometime feel a bit interruptive when you’re ”in the zone” (especially when it comes to artistic work like sculpting etc.) this was just one of those times when i had finished a task, should’ve saved a new version, forgot, and lost everything. that’s fine, my own fault. i just find the functionality of having a button that wipes your tool, all undos and doesn’t prompt for save a bit odd. anyway, i was doing anatomy studies so i’ll just redo what was lost and it’ll be good practise.
cheers /s


When you press another subtool like that you replace your current one with the one you clicked (sphere). You could have switched back to the one you had been working on, it was still in the shelf where you found the sphere and gotten everything back.


yeah that’s what i was expecting, but i looked through the tool-shelf several times and there was nothing there but standard stuff. maybe i was just too riled up and missed it. clicked a file from quicksave after that and zbrush crashed. oh well. now i know for next time. ta!