Beginner in need of help, modeling a woman. (NUDITY)


Hi all.

I’m trying to model out a woman. I’m a beginner so I really need help/feedback on what I’m doing. Right now I’m working on the breasts. Which is basically going like…ughhhhhhh So tips would be really great.

I didn’t know if this forum had the same rule as the other forum I frequent, so I went ahead and put the nudity caution in there anyway, just to be safe.




heh, i wouldn’t call this nudity. not in its current state anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as your model goes- there’s not much to critique at this point… as torso’s go it’s recognizable as such, and from the first image you’ve already fixed a lot of really bad topology… You obviously have some NGons to address, but other than that just keep working at it and make sure you follow reference.


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