Beginner : Help me find the right tools


First I started doodling with SketchUp and I found it amazing. With some patience, I was able to create the most intricate and detailed castles and gothic churches out of nothing. SketchUp is just so fast and easy to approach.
Then I discovered Unity to bring my designs to life with materials, shaders, lights and of course a 3rd person character for exploring. All good so far.
After that I found Maya to tweak my castles and churches to make them a little more organic, as SketchUp results tend to be a bit stiff.

Now stuff starts to pile up a little bit. Juggling between three programs is becoming frustrating.
Currently I am trying to make myself familiar with Fusion 360 but it doesn’t quite compare with SketchUp unfortunately and it doesn’t bring me closer to Maya either.

That’s a brief example of what I’m trying to do.

Where should I go to have the simplicity of SketchUp combined with Maya’s tweakability and to bring them to Unity’s environment.


As far as i know if you are aiming to videogames, you should start using 3ds max, Blender or Maya. Sketchup, although easy to use, doesnt generate a good topology suitable for videogames.


Blender ir completely free, but professional studios tend to lean more towards Maya and/or 3D Studio Max, or use their own proprietary software packages.

As for gaming, Unity or Unreal Engine are popular. UE used C++ while Unity uses C#. You might look into Cryengine as well. I don’t know much about it, but know it has been used one a few well known game titles.


…for example, in order too build an ad-hoc ‘personalised’ DCC pipeline in my opinion would also depend upon where the artist’s interests lie specifically, whether games, vfx, archviz…etc.