beginner freelance artist. WHERE do I start??!


For years i’ve been trying to get a full time job as a 3D artist and nothing seems to be going my way. However, I have done so many personal projects that I feel I am ready to take on a wide range of projects as a freelance 3D generalist or multimedia artist.

Where do I start??
Where can I find work & promote myself as a freelance artist??

I currently have a fulltime job in an unrelated feild that pays yearly salary. However it is a seasonal job and I have a ton of free time this spring/summer/fall. I don’t expect to make much money starting off as an artist, but I would eventually like to have a steady income once I make a name for myself.

Whats a good website for bidding on/finding 3D projects?? I live in the heart of the rocky mountains in colorado, so most of my work would have to be done from home or possibly on site in denver (which I know theyre arent many studios).

I’m not looking for a lot of money. Just experience.

My demo reel can be found on my website:



I’m gonna throw out this one response of “you gotta live where the work is” because I know someone will say it eventually. has some contract stuff for local areas.


Hi Jim.
Also has quite a bit on freelancing.

Cheerio Chris


i have had a pretty good string of luck with freelancing over the last year or so. most of my gigs came through knowing people and the reccomendation of others. The networking I had been doing while in school and after really paid off and got my foot into one place, for example, that I have been doing project after project for close to 8 months now.

get to know people, get people to know you and your work. make connections and keep working on your reel while you are not working seems to work out for me.


It would seem networking to get the freelance contacts would be more difficult for you but it’s not impossible even being remote from the “hotspots”. If you get some good stuff out on the net through for example CGTalk then odds are good. But your reel suggests you’re looking at animation jobs which are indeed harder to get remotely (does anyone do freelance animation from home? Sounds like more hassle than it’s worth). You say you can offer generalist services, so then you should shape your reel accordingly.



I’m also new and I have just recieved my first offer for a freelance job. What I’d like to know is how do I determine the cost of the project since the guy is asking me to advise him on the price?


Your skills are so close… You just need a little nudge and I think you’d be there.
I would recommendation is to work in a real production environment for another year or 2 and have your co-workers Critique your stuff. This kind of work experience is invaluable and the people over you usually are very cool and will give you pointers and help you out where ever they can.

But if you are planning to support yourself with your current skill set I think you might be eating allot of raman unless if your still living with your parents. If that is the case go for it.


Yeah I would agree with that. Check out the demo reels here in the finished animation section. Hit the rating button to see the top ones and it will give you something to aim at and use your time to jack up your folio (I am busy with that now).

Also remember there are ad studios and loads of other businesses that use 3d, dont just aim for Hollywood,… well eventually:).

Have fun


unfortunately I don’t work in a production environment and havent since my internship in 2005. So I guess just keep doing work, reading animation books and posting my stuff online until I get noticed?


i think, try to make a personnal project that the one can order something alike, if there are many architectural studios around there, made a house for visualisation! and then suggest your services to them…the same think for animation maybe.


I’d say team up with someone and do a short 5 min 3D film together.
That will give you the boost you need.

You could do it with someone on the forum here but there is really no substitute for doing a project with someone in the same room to bounce your dailys off of.

Or you could try and get back in with the people where you had your internship or something.


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