Before and After - Post Examples of Your Improvement!


nice work !


I thought I should post my progress over the 5 years of drawing too!

2002 September, this is my first drawing. Before that I was only doodling anime eye (either left or right) because I thought I couldnt draw symmetry.

2003 November, joined a local forum on early 2003 and started received comments and critiques from the members. Went to outings with them as well. I believe that was the point my interest started to expand. Some seniors in the group taught me various techniques like inking and hatching.

2004 August, looks like it was a pretty stale year for me. I was still in last year of secondary school (high school for some of you guys?) so there was a huge exam then.

2004 April, Secondary school finished, I was preparing portfolio to enter my current design school.

2006 July, Started posting in CGtalk, I believe this was the 22nd head of the head challenge I did.

2007 Now, my last year of design school. Graduating in 4 months time. A lot of things happened to me this year and I pretty much disappeared from CGtalk for 1 whole year.
Back with a different attitude and mindset. Now drawing is part of my life and my way to express myself.

In all, I’m pretty happy with my progress but I think I can push myself further. Right now I just want to enjoy making art and let it flow through my body.


Yay another Singaporean, I think I will do likewise and do a 5 year thing since it is also the same amount of time elasped since my voyage of self-study. I think this is going to be a long post… I feel this thread is not as extreme as peoples sketchbook threads as it blows my mind to see their great works

2003, started to learn drawing from websites, anime. which I still had my old pieces to show all of you

2004 june, somewhere after I did a few sketches, learneing cel shade at the same time as well

2005 march, I think this was for portfolio work to get into a polytechnic, of course I failed with this shoddy quality of work


got back into 3D

2007, the industrial revolution, this is where the real improvements really happened
attempts at figure drawing


july, this was the spark, I learnt the two most important lessons, contrapostle and confidence in your drawing



will get the sketches for june and dec-now, the scanner is being hogged now


WOWOWOWOW!!! Awesome progress, everybody!!:bounce::bounce:… I’ve been watching this thread, and I guess its about time I added my little tribute to this great forum.
For me, this forum has turned my life around!!.. more than improving my skills, it has changed my attitude towards modeling and towards life itself!!.. thats what I’d say!! After about a year of associating with you people, I feel I am a different artist, and a different person!!!:scream:… though I have lost a few kilos into the bargain!:rolleyes: Thanks, Rebecca… and all the other awesome artists here!!




Anand, you simply rock. :wink: This place wouldn’t be the same without you.

Thanks, your post really made my day. :slight_smile:


WOW! You all are really great and inspiring! You encourage me (and obviously a lot other people) to keep on drawing and practicing much. THX! :slight_smile:

p.s. its a pity i dont have any pictures from the past. but hey, the journey has just started :wink:


Thanks a lot guys, really Inspiring, I’ll be posting me before and after the day after tomorrow!


Its my pleasure! :love:hehe!!.. and I wouldnt be the same without this place!:smiley:


wow. everybody’s works here are just…WOW!!

Sketchbook Thread of Billy_Z


I know this isnt stricly anatomy, but its the only before after I have and one of the main things thats better is the improvement of anatomy.

I drew this first one as soon as my graphics tablet arrived in august 2007, I remade it in Jan 2008

I may remake it again when I have improved a bit, I mostly like the body but would like to do the face better and use more dynamil lighting. Maybe I could do the cloth better when I am more expeienced in depicting different materials. I’ll let you guys know.


great stuff.

I hope I’ll be able to post something more related soon :smiley:


An update to my before and after:
Before Oct 10, 2006:

After Feb 28, 2008


Hey nice to see everyone posting here. :slight_smile:

Aggs, I think that is some nice progress, I would like to see you push things more. I also think that if at some point you can get a copy of Photoshop, you would be able to advance at a faster rate than with Painter. Just my two cents. :slight_smile:


I tried the trial version of photoshop and I had a hard time with it. Here is what I did in photoshop:


Before and after a few weeks of Figure Painting workshop with Don Seegmiller.
I should say that before that date, most of my work has been in 3D, with an increasing amount of 2D details painted in (see my portfolio for some examples). I am taking the workshop to develop my 2D skills and the ‘after’ image is the result so far.

I will open a Sketchbook thread shortly to document my progress - that is, if I don’t get too distracted exploring the gems of this forum…

Before - March 10 2008 :

After - April 20 2008 :


There has been some improvement over the years. Here’s an old drawing I reworked once I learned a bit more about digital painting. I don’t know if there’s really any noted progress, but it is a snapshot from two different points in my life.

From 2002

From earlier this year


Before (2006)

Now (2008)


Whoa all of these are some great improvement, I mean you can really tell with how everyone is using their lines to color choices Great work you guys ! ^^ I might give this a shot as well


Weird how these are the only two old pics I could find that weren’t obvious ripoffs of someone else’s work. But I’m pretty sure those two involved some sort of indirect copying too, probably. Can’t remember.



Aaaand this year’s best example in a similar vein to the old ones. At least I got past the DA furry and bad art phase:

I’m amazed at how people have progressed. I wonder what a couple of months of intensive drawing over the holidays could do for me? =D


I wonder what a couple of months of intensive drawing over the holidays could do for me? =D

Only one way to find out :scream: