Before and After - Post Examples of Your Improvement!


Great post Intervain! :thumbsup:


Great idea for a thread, I always find it inspiring to see how good people get with a bit of practice and application. Well, if you’re looking for extreme examples of improvement, then look no further. And the last image in these three really wouldn’t have been possible without the great work I’ve done as part of this forum, it’s the first place I point people when they ask how I keep improving.

Okay, here’s BEFORE, around about '99, 2000 All from the first sketchbook i bought at the age of 18.

About three years later, 2003, still no concept of the basics of anatomy or colour and light.

And then I discovered digital art and this website. And it’s what I credit my huge leap in improvement with, along with the freedom to experiment that. So here’s my most recent WIP and the digital rembrandt copy which was such a revelation for me.

Oh, and my sketchbook thread can be found here:


zephyri - excellent! I love the last painting btw [have to say I know that girl from somewhere :eek: I’m sure I’ve seen that face LOL…] Awesome idea!
what do you think is your main source of knowledge about colour and light? any tips?! :deal: - it’s an area I’m really sucky at right now :slight_smile:


Zeph! I love your work and your improvement and humble attitude have always been so impressive. Thanks so much for posting here! I love to see your stuff. :slight_smile:


Thank you guys, much appreciated, it still kinda surprises me when i see how far my work has come. Intervain, the girl would be yours truly, and the set of photos that I used as ref are up on deviant, so could be there you’ve seen it! And as for light, I’m still getting the hang of it myself to be honest, but this article made it a lot clearer for me: In fact I’ve read through a lot of the tutorials listed here: and they’re all helpful in one way or another. The best thing, especially given the ability you get with digital is just to practice, and to think of light as a volumous thing, like water. A lot of the discoveries i make are simply trial and error and figuring it out myself, even after reading tutorials and theories


oooh must have been deviantart then :slight_smile: Yum - love that painting!

thank you so much for the links - really appreciate the help!:bounce:


I tried to post last night but the system was down.

Mr. Mu and Intervain - I never knew that y’all recently started too. Y’all have shown much progress. So much that I thought y’all were into digital art for years.

Zeph - Eversince you made the goddess that had the glass nose, I have been impressed with your work. I have followed your work both here and in deviant. I love your work with the color pencils as well, a favorite preference of mine. You latest with your self-portrait is great. Are you going to start supplying us with stock photos? You’d be a perfect model! :thumbsup: Oh, and by the way, great foreshadowing. I love the backdrop of the ghostly figures.


Wow. All of these are very inspirational. So much improvement.


Ok, so changed the before image again. This time into a drawing, because I have those which suck, haha. I just wanted both images to be paintings, but you needed one that sucks very hard, had to change it.

Zephyri, whoah, you’ve come far. Cool to see those befores and afters :bounce:

Intervain, well, ahh, you know :smiley: Only that before is not that big of a suckie. But then again, when I look at the after ones again…in that case the before sucks :scream:

FateBringer, yay! Big difference in those two. Well, would be bad if there wasn’t any :slight_smile:

Mu, just great!

Rebecca, I’ll repeat myself, great idea! Awesome to look around here!


Great thread here!..
Its so much fun to see the “before” artwork of the artists i admire:eek::surprised:bowdown:

Cgsociety forum and esp. Rebecca have helped me to improve and always been a great learning resource for me:buttrock::love::bounce:

Before learning artistic anatomy:cry:

After learning form Becks and all the artists here in Artistic anatomy thread:love:


These are so cool to look at! Everyone has improved so much.

I think stuff like this can really be an inspiration to yourself…it’s so funny because many times, especially when you’re still young and learning, you think your latest work is just great. And then a few years pass by and you’re like omg…this looks like trash! It’s great to be able to look back on your stuff. I know some people who throw it all away because they think it sucks…it’s a shame because they won’t have documented their progress.


Man…there are some SERIOUS, like, WORMHOLE jumps of improvement going on here…congratulation to everyone here, really. I think this thread is sort of a testament to the importance of having a community like this for the world. It is the end result of everything that has culminated since the beginning of the anatomy section here at cgsociety. I hope this thread stays around forever.


Though I definitely represent the absolute bottom of this community, I can at least brag of some heavy progress! :slight_smile:
I discovered this place some time around April 2006, and after that I’ve been working hard trying to take my art to new levels. It’s really just in the past few weeks I feel I’ve really gotten the hang on basic anatomy, and I’m looking forwards to work even more than before now. This is really beginning to get interesting, if not addicting… Yay. xD

Well, thanks everyone, for making this place such an awesome place of learning. I owe all my progress to you guys! :slight_smile:

For a more in depth look, here’s an overview of my whole progress through 2006. I’m impressed of my own improvement, really. :slight_smile:

Give me five years, and we’ll see if I can catch up with you! :thumbsup:


wow… this thread is awesome! Great ideea…

well… this is me in september 26 2002!:smiley: - and trust me, this was the best of 2002! Really!

and this is me now… :smiley:


almostkungfu - keep on workin, it already shows

Icey - I think I can see a tiny bit of improvement here and there…


totally awesome, man!


Before (October 2005)

Attempted to use Painter and Photoshop to paint my brother from a photo.

Freehand sketch in one or both of these programmes, with painting done eyeballing colours.

Never finished. :slight_smile:

After (today, February 5th, 2007)

Original image from the CG 15 minute sketch reference thread.

Painted in Photoshop - no initial sketch, just painting and colouring by eye.



Woohoo, that’s some real progress, YMS! :thumbsup:


Before (well, at the beginning):


And still so much to learn :smiley:

It’s great to see all of your progress summarized!!


wow Johan, you are shredding this thread to pieces and eating it raw…:scream:

that is some scary progress…:smiley:


Guys - holy. frack.