Beetle - 1963, Vladislav Drumev (3D)


wow i like thiis image alot, there is nothing wrong with it and its just perfect. When i saw it the first time it brought up alot of memories. I used to live in Germany and they have the VW all over the place and of course the graffiti. you put 2 really cool elements in this image and made it work together very well. so good work and keep it up. :slight_smile:

Aldin Bilalovic


I used IES Sun :slight_smile:
10x to all for comments!


Great work bud’! :thumbsup:


good work…:thumbsup:


Good work man, sweet compo.


Looks Awesome:thumbsup:


great work


Super! If I had to find anything constructive to add it would be to sharpen the clean/dirty transition of the windshield where the wiper has traveled. The fade doesn’t look right to me as I have spent a lot of time on construction job sites and see a lot dirty windshields and the blades always leave sharp edges. There may be blade damage as well along it’s length leaving skinny uncleaned streaks.
Top notch 4.5 rounded up to ***** from me. :rockon:


great work, nice details


but I also think that the shadow underneath your car should be more to the right, ( like the building right behind your car) and maybe the shadow, under the side of the car, could be a bit lighter as well, so you can see the gaps between the tiles?) You can see these gaps under the front of the car, which is good.
But I am just speculating here, Overall the work is fantastic, could you explain how you did the Lights of your car? The setting for the glass material for example? Thanks, and keep up the good work.


Good I like it :slight_smile:


I agree with the shadow comments already mentioned but nice execution overall! Loving the dirt maps.


Good guy! I also want to make it in Maya! Maybe you can give me some advice. Thank you!


Awesome work, 5 stars!


Nice work. you shold write a tutorial…!


Did you model the building directly to the left with the graffiti on it? Are the buildings in the background a picture or modeled as well?


All background is a photo. All is real, near by my house.


can’t think it’s not real awesome


The only thing I wonder about is the glossy polish on the hood of the car and some on the back fender. Should a car this old and obiously not fixed up for the shot shine like that?


Hi dickens3d, hi all,

Very nice job, I like Beetles, got one ! Yours is the US model, easy to spot with the double-bar bumpers, isn’t it ?

Just a few little details seeming odd :

  • Driver-side rear view mirror must be a custom one as it’s not the same as the passenger-side one and surely not a factory one, reminds me of some chopper rvm’s,
  • Door handle doesn’t seem to join with the frame at its forward end, may be a render quirk, but also may be a custom open handle, some briefly existed, but how dangerous they were !!
  • I just don’t remember if the '63 model did have these particular headlights with fitting circlers and vertical glass, but then, I know better the European models than the US ones…

And after all, you may have chosen to customize it a little, after all it’s your model, you could customize it just as an actual VW ^-^