Beetle - 1963, Vladislav Drumev (3D)


This is indeed wonderfull. It looks lovely and so real, and the car almost shows emotion. My only crit would be the already mentioned shadow angle, and besides i think the shadow of the car is a tiny bit too dark, compared to the shadow of the building behind it.


I agree, the area under the canopy of the building is in shade indicating the light is above and/or behind the buildings but side of the car facing the camera has highlights as if the sun is above the camera… There is also something bothering me about the grafitti in the background, it looks too modern for 1963.

really good work though :slight_smile:


ah che krasivo! Strahotno! Perfectno blendva s zadnia fon :slight_smile: Svetkavicata e chudesna i mnogo me kefe kalta haha! 5 Stars, great job


i too agree about the lighting, but its not that big of a deal. the average person probably wouldn’t notice it.

as for the grafitti, just cause the car is from the 60’s doesnt mean the location is as well. Old bugs are still driven on the road today.


Nice work man!



Its very good work, You are talented person, Keep on improve it.

Best Regards


One ofe the greatest images I have seen on CG Society… Congragilations man! Model is realy realy great and has a good poly distribution.

I wonder if you you fill us in about if the background is a photo or not…

Did you use any 3d objects but the beattle? ( by the way it is my favorite car we used to have one of them. That was orange color )

Keep it up man, nice job…



very nice work, exalently done. But i think theres one thing that you may need to do. Add some scuffs or something to the hud of the car. You can see the trash and the graphetie and such so the car should be a little bit beeten up. The tires are very well done at that. Keepup the good work my friend!


I like the first and the second one equally- both are GREAT- makes little difference turning down the reflex but it’s just too AWESOME to begin with- *****-


this is a good work but i tink the integration could be better. As I can see, this is probably du to the car shadows that are too dark. If you look on the left of the picture you can see that shadows are brighter and also more diffused. But dirt are really cool man, and so is for reflections. But finally i think you could do some little adjustements to make this better.


WOHO nice dude


Excellent work overall. I really like the rubber on the tires. My only suggestion would be to soften up the shadow on the pavement - it looks just a little too hard as is.
Keep it up!!!:thumbsup:


Great modeling and texturing work!! :bounce:


Wow… Good show :thumbsup: Very nice


looks very nice, i like the shadow of the car, it’s awesome


really nice car I think that you should not just eliminate some Reflection, you have to blured to make it look like is dirt. :)Keep up the good work


Wow. Just- wow.



nice work…


great work.


Excellent model and awsome render!.
Did u use MR Sun and Sky?.
I ask u because I’m alsousing Max and MR, just for share.
Thanks, regards.