Beetle - 1963, Vladislav Drumev (3D)


Title: Beetle - 1963
Name: Vladislav Drumev
Country: Bulgaria
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

This is my latest work and I’m posting here for a first time. The car is modeled in 3ds max, while the background is a photo. I will appreciate your feedback.

Here is wire:

and only shaded view:

And I made the final toutches in Photoshop.


very authentic nice dirt texture very good model and light nice:thumbsup: work


Simply great work (4*)


Nice, although I think you can turn down the reflection overall for the paintwork, Judging by the dirt and feel, the paint should be sun damaged, and dulled, or even a thin coat of dust/dirt.


Superb composition. Flawless!

Turn down the reflection and it’s 5 Stars!


Amazing render, very realistic, superb lighting and texturing:thumbsup:


Looking great ! Nicely modeled, surfaced & composited … 4 stars :thumbsup:


10x guys, I reduced the reflection a little bit :thumbsup:

for a big one >>>


Magnificent work. Seriously - I generally don’t comment on cars, not really my thing, but this is just an absolute stunner, Vladislav. 5*.


Cant find anything wrong with it. Just excellent.

Bravo. Strashen render.


Very nice work on the texturing and modeling! Lighting looks nice as well, but shouldn’t the car be darker on the one side facing the camera? If you look at the building behind it, it appears to be in total shade. But I could be mistaken.


Yes, the texture and dirt really look good.


You should move the light to the left, so that car shadow goes to the right.
*Look at the shadow of the buldings and trees, they’re on the right side.
That, and you should make that paint look a bit more “dry”.
But modeling is top notch. :thumbsup:


Oh friend u have donbe a spectecular job…WoW…Really amazed to see that so realistic…Its flawless…Colors are great…Modelling is top notch and what can I say about light…Brilliantly done…4 stars for sure…:thumbsup:


Great work :thumbsup:


Thanks for your comments and I’m very glad you liked it!


You rock man!!! :buttrock:
Whaiting for the next one :wink:


Very well done! great textures,shaders and materials and great model. Only thing that buggers me is that the shadow under the car seems a bit too intense/dark compared to the photo…

cool work anyhoos!


Extremley Nice, I have seen a lot of Cars Modeled, and I must say I do like the detail you put on the Beatle, the dirt on the sides of the car makes it that much more believable.

Great job keep it up


This work is amazing!