Becoming a Better Artist – Critical knowledge and techniques for today’s artists


I’m higly interested in that workshop, and it will be a pleasure to learn all you can teach.

I’m subscribing to this thread and hope for more further informations !


Congratulations on nearing the completion of the course materials! Sounds like quite the project and a lot of work.

Very interested in the class and subscribing to this thread for future updates.


Very interesting, I reply to be subscribe and maybe to participate to the course at the come moment.

(flo allez arrête de lire tes mails c’est juste moi ^^)


I’m in! It is mind-blowing that you spent over a year developing this class. Even more so are your works of art. They are truly inspiring.

Looking forward to this class. :slight_smile:


A little update for everyone. I’m now getting close to finishing the video portion, and I should be able to wrap up everything by the end of this month. I asked CGS what the current schedule looks like for CGWorkshops, and it looks like my workshop might be slotted for March (assuming I do finish everything well before then, and I’m pretty sure I would).

So, there you have it. It’s likely to kick off in the beginning of March, but this is not written in stone, as we all know that life loves to throw us a curve ball now and then to keep us on our toes. If everything remains smooth sailing till then, I’ll be seeing all of you in class when March rolls around the corner.


Thanks Robert. That’s great news!


I feel like we’re gonna have to be quick to get a spot :smiley:


Excellent. I haven’t made very much progress at all in my drawing because of a very busy school semester, but I am glad to read your words of encouragement to those of us who are worrying about our skill levels.

Did you seriously mean what you said about the stick figures? :smiley:


Update: Here are the contents for the video portion of the workshop (I only make videos when the topic is best explained by video, otherwise, I use images and text, as they are more intuitive for certain topics):

EDIT: Details removed and now superseded by the registration/details page:

As you guys can see, it’s a lot of content, and the videos aren’t even the main focus of the workshop. Those of you planning to taking this workshop will be getting something similar to years of serious art school distilled into 8 intense weeks. It’s going to be a ton of fun and a hell of a challenge for everyone (me included, having to actually teach all this stuff and make sure you guys understand every bit of it).


Wow. This is going to be awesome!


Wow; this workshop is going to be excellent! ^^


Thank you for all the hard work, I hope this workshop is wildly successful so that it is offered again later this year. I’m going to be traveling the first 3 weeks of this course so there’s no way I could do it this time around. Crossing my fingers that I’ll get the chance to work on this later this year.


I’m mostly a lurker on this site, but this workshop looks AMAZING. I might have to take this.


It looks like an interesting course.


I just found out that I’m scheduled to go to LA Shock Trauma for a 6 wk class. They said I’ll go anywhere from March to May. It’s really intense training and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to participate since I don’t have a laptop to take with me to work on my assignments. I’ll hope for the best. I would like to know when the official date is released. Thanks Robert.


I’m probably not supposed to give you guys a heads up since the official newsletter won’t go out until this coming Monday, and the official promo won’t go live on CGS until Wednesday, but since you guys have been waiting so patiently, I think I should give you guys a head start.

So here it is–the registration will go live this coming Monday, and the Workshop’s starting date is March 8th (and lasts eight weeks). I can’t post a link to it since it’s not up yet, but if you guys check early Monday on CGS’s Workshop section, you should see it listed for registration. If you act fast, you should be able to to get yourself enrolled. After Monday, it’ll get harder because the newsletter will alert hundreds of thousands of other members about the workshop, and after Wednesday, it’ll get even harder since the workshop will officially go live on CGS and EVERYONE will see it. Space is definitely limited so act fast.

But like the rest of you, I also hope the workshop will repeat over and over so those who couldn’t make it this time will have more chances in the future.

At the moment, I’m doing final editing on the text & images portion, and I still have one long painting demonstration video to do, and then I’m all done.


I’ll be quick to attempt and register on Monday then. ^^

This is going to be very excellent!


enrolled yeah, i´m so excited


Registered too. Thoroughly looking forward to this! Thank you for the blood, sweat and tears, Robert. =)


As ironic as this may sound, I really hate the fact that I wasn’t fired from my office job yet (now they say Q3 2010).:sad:
I was really counting on that to be able to follow this workshop, but there simply is no time for me to combine it with my family, daytime job and school (Resigning myself simply isn’t an option).
So I really hope this will be repeated in 6 months or so :deal: