Becoming a Better Artist – Critical knowledge and techniques for today’s artists


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Hi Lunatique, I tried sending an e-mail on the CGMA site but it didn’t work (I even tried different browsers), so I’m sending my question here instead.

I’m a brazilian commercial photographer and I’m looking to learn about composition, color, visual storytelling and whatever else is useful in creating compelling and impactful images (when I was a kid - 20 years ago - I started to learn 3d and was very active in CGTalk, but ended up working with photography).

I need to learn to “engineer” images, how to decide what needs to be in them based on the needs of my clients and how to convey a message and feelings in my work. I’m very unsatisfied with my photos, they are technically good and my clients love them, but to me they feel lifeless, poor and generic.

The overview of the classes seem to cover what I’m looking for, but I wanted to know if you believe I’d be able to reach my goals with your teachings.



I’ve had professional photographers in my classes before, and they learned a ton of stuff that helped improve their photography drastically. (And I’m a professional photographer myself too.)

If you already have a good understanding of the technical aspects of photography, then it’s the creative side you need help with, such as interesting composition, compelling usage of lighting and colors, and visual narrative that resonates with our emotions and intellect.

I’m not teaching for CGMA currently, but I’m teaching classes at Skilpe. You can take a look at the classes I teach there: