Becoming a Better Artist – Critical knowledge and techniques for today’s artists


I skimmed a few testimonials, but seeing the critique you do in cgtalk, it’s obvious you’re a great mentor. :smiley:
What’s the deadline for current enrollment? I’m on a tight budget right now, but definitely want to join asap. Do you expect there will be another run of this workshop soon (this year)?



I think the deadline for this current enrollment is one week after the course starts (Oct 6th), so that means it’s around Oct 13th.

I usually try to run the workshops back-to-back if I’m not too busy with other stuff going on in my life, so the next run would likely be around the middle or end of December. If I decide to take a short break, then it’ll probably be early next years–sometime in January 2015.


Hello! I will soon be enrolled in your August class, which is fantastic, because I’ve been stalking your class for about a year now. :slight_smile:

I have a quick question. I’m a beginner and I started taking an online drawing/painting class back in April. So far, I’ve been taught form, perspective, lighting, shadows and I’m currently working on the figure drawing portion. (No real anatomy yet – just basic mannequins and eventually heads.) I’m trying to dedicate at least 2 hours a day, work willing, to practice between now and the start of class.

Even though a portfolio is not required, would you still like to see work from me? And if so, would it be better to show my practice and progression with the basics, or should I aim for a few completed pieces? Just curious. Thanks so much!


When you join the workshop, you’ll see a thread where I ask the students to post examples of their work–it can be a link to their online portfolio, or just a few images that demonstrate their current level. The purpose is not to impress me–it’s to show me both your strengths and weaknesses, so I can assess how to better tailor my guidance to your specific needs. This is why artists of all levels have taken my workshop. I mentor each person differently based on what each person needs, as well as their unique backgrounds and personalities, and that is why I also ask you to tell me about yourself in a separate thread, so I can understand who you are, what you’ve struggled with, your background, and what you truly desire in your artistic aspirations.


Thanks so much! I look forward to your class.


OK, I’m awfully tempted, but I have one question.
I read Photoshop and the like, but my tools are rather 3D, and I use 2D applications mainly for postwork. Would that fit in the workshop, too, or is it more about drawing and 2D?

My understanding is that a lot of common rules and guidelines would apply to 2D as well as 3D?


At least half of my students are 3D artists, and some are technical directors who don’t draw or paint at all (or haven’t started to learn yet), while the other half are 2D artists. I have students who are mainly photographers and filmmakers too.

All visual art mediums share the same foundation knowledge and principles, as well as creative philosophies, visual storytelling techniques, and require the same kind of passion, and work ethic. That’s what my workshop is mostly about, and that is why so many different types of visual artists take my workshop. My students also come in a wide range of skill/knowledge too–from professional concept artists and art directors all the way to complete beginners. I teach them all and make sure they all learn what they need to breakthrough the obstacles that’s been holding them back from achieving their aspirations.

You might want to read what I wrote here about the relationship between 3D and 2D:

Some of the assignments in the workshop can be done in any visual medium (including 3D, photography, traditional non-digital, sculpture), as long as the visual narrative and composition is communicated effectively. There are also assignments that are specific to drawing and painting techniques, as well as digital workflow.


I’ve been considering investing some time into learning how to do some proper 2D and the course outline looks very promising. My only concern is - is the course targeting character artists only or is it suited for environments as well? I’m an environment 3D modeler. I like characters, they’re awesome, but they’re not really my thing - environments is what I love. What I would hope to gain from the course would be (in loose terms) some confidence in handling rough sketches and scene/final image composition. I’m not trying to change career paths, just get rid of the awkward “why are you trying to torture me?!?” feeling when having to come up with a quick concept or having to present “the best angle” of a scene…


The course covers all visual art, and foundation concepts, techniques, workflow, etc apply to all visual mediums and subject matter. There are some lessons specific to character-oriented work, but there is plenty of content that applies to all types of subject matters. I’ve had students who didn’t do character work and focused only on environments, vehicles, architecture, particle effects, etc, and they learn so much from the workshop.


I am new here. I wanted to say I really want to do this course but I am not able to sign up to the next one. I’d really appreciate a notification or something for the next sign up deadlines. I need a bit of time to save up and finish doing a group course I am currently doing.

I am mainly attracted to this course because I have am mostly self taught and have been teaching myself via digital tutors and magazines for a while now but what I really need is a mentor and a friendly critique group.



@Emma - I always announce a new run of the workshop in this thread, so if your forum setting is set to get email notifications for new replies, then you’ll see it. Also, in the course details page, you can click on a button at the top/right that puts you on the notification list, so when a new run starts enrolling, you’ll be notified right away.


Enrollment for the October 2014 run of Becoming a Better Artist workshop is now open!


Enrollment for the October 2014 run of Becoming a Better Artist workshop is now open!


Hi, there… Glad to have found out about this great site! Really love the place.

Interested to the workshop your offering.

But, I feel I’m not yet ready for it. I haven’t gone to any art schools and that’s why I’m really trying and focused on teaching myself somehow to be a good artist.
So If I may ask, when will be your next workshop after this October workshop of yours?
I plan to take your next workshop and hope to have the necessary skills as preparation.

Hoping for your response,
Thanks and Best Regards!


I answered your question via your email already, but I’ll post it below too, just so other people with similar questions can see it:

[I]"I try to run workshops continuously throughout the year, unless I get really busy with something else and must take a break. So that means whenever a workshop ends, the next one should start soon (within the month). I guess that means the next one will likely be end of December or early January next year.

I have plenty of students who were complete beginners who could only draw stick figures, as well as students who were already professional artists or art directors, so it really doesn’t matter what level you’re at. The workshop is about getting you to level up and become a better artist, so whatever your level is, it’ll help you improve much faster and much more effectively than if you were just struggling on your own, wasting time and using ineffective methods and building up bad habits."[/I]


The next Becoming A Better Artist workshop will be April 13, 2015. Enrollment is already open here:

This is the longest break I’ve ever taken from teaching this workshop since I started teaching it in 2010, so we’ve been getting a lot of people asking when it’ll be running again while I was on a break. I really needed to rest and take some time for myself and recoup, after having a crazy year in 2014. But starting in April, I should be running the workshop back-to-back again for the rest of 2015.


HI, simple question really. I am not a beginner in terms of traditional hand drawn art. I am a beginner in terms of digital art using any kind of software. Does this wshop covers the basics of whatever sw that will be used, be it PS or Ill? Or we have to come with digital art prior training?

Zedar for herself.


The course teaches critical art foundations, advanced creative concepts, and digital workflow all the way from beginner level to advanced. It’s like a crash course that will help artists of any level, regardless if they have digital experience or not, or whether they are beginner artists or professionals. Artists of all levels will learn together in my workshop and I’ll mentor them differently according to their current level and needs.


Wow. This actually could be the best reason for my first posting here.
After being really really sick for almost ten years now, I am currently celebrating my recovering health and artistic drive with learning and lots of figure drawing. I learned about gesture/figure drawing so much this month, as I painted about 150 pages of figure practice alone in one month now. Thats much more then the last ten years combined.
My grandpa was a fine artist and painter and began my education at the age of 6, then he unfortunately died young and I´ve been straying until recently ever since. I´ve always been painting, but mostly just spinning my wheels mindlessly and repeating the same errors over and over.
This really looks like the kind of thing that could be the best for me at the Moment. Not the worst thing that the workshop just started, too. This gives me some time to get my health completely back on track, build my new rig (since the old intous 3 is damaged and i only got a shabby laptop to surf the interwebs at the moment)
And most of all, get my hand-eye coordination up and beyond the level it was when I was 18.
And I will be starting a paintover series of my tons of old and really really bad material in this forum, as soon as I got a workable setup running.
Greetings from your most diligent student of the future.

… have to go now, wasting time I should spend practicing. :slight_smile:


Enrollment for the July 2015 run of the workshop has begun: