Becoming a Better Artist – Critical knowledge and techniques for today’s artists


Please, let me know when it starts, I m really interested. Thks, tomas


You can sign up for the email notification on the workshop details page:

Just input your name and email address and click on “Notify Me” and you’ll be notified when the next run of the workshop starts enrollment.

The next run is currently planned for early January of next year (I’m taking a break for a month to deal with moving across the world back to California). If the time frame changes (moving up closer or later), I’ll let you guys know via posting in this thread.


Im in! :bounce:


Enrollment for the 14th run of the workshop is now open. The link below contains all the details regarding the workshop such as the course contents, week-by-week detailed outline, student testimonials, and enrollment details:

It will start on January 7th, 2013.

I want to address something that’s often been asked in past by those who want to know more about the workshop (despite the very detailed description of the workshop shown on the promo/enrollment page, including a weeek-by-week outline). So this time, I included this following information to elaborate even further on what I think everyone should know about the workshop:

Please Note: The heart and soul of this workshop is the mentoring of the students by the instructor, through direct interaction, in-depth critiques and discussions, answering of difficult and complex questions asked by students, and careful monitoring of the students’ growth and development so the mentoring can be catered to each student’s specific needs and personality. This is the most important aspect of the workshop, and it is what made this workshop so popular.

The lecture notes and videos are the two other aspects of the workshop, and they tackle different areas of each week’s focus. The videos are mostly supplemental and aimed mainly at beginners, while the lecture notes are the main focus and contain the most sophisticated and advanced concepts. The interaction between students and instructor in the form of in-depth, thoughtful critiques for the assignments, is what takes the lessons from theory to execution, and in turn, allow the students to really absorb the knowledge and utilize them effectively.

Students will be given assignments each week that push them to think creatively, experiment, and try different approaches to solve problems and find the most effective way to communicate their visual ideas. Through extensive feedback and thoughtful critiques, the students will make great strides in ways they could not have on their own without a mentor to guide them through the journey.


Any artist serious about maximizing growth and skill would do well to consider this course. Robert creates a comprehensive environment with everything a serious artist needs to get to the next level in their abilities.
In many learning environments I’ve been in it was rare luck to find an instructor who can tailor a plan for optimal and logical advancement on an individual basis; Rob gives you that.

I have grown faster in the months I’ve taken this course than I have in over 10 years of fumbling for those things I knew I needed to work on, just didn’t know where to start.

And it’s a lot of fun too!


I wonder, if I enroll myself now, I have to pay on december? or I will pay in january?


You pay when you enroll, and it’s basically first come, first serve (the workshop has been selling out in the last few runs). I think you can also work out a payment plan with the workshop manager, if you have special circumstances. Her email is: Kirsty Parkin <>


Robert, what kind of workload would we be looking at for the course – ie., hrs./wk.?

I only ask as I’m concurrently in the middle of Animation Mentor’s character animation course (at 20 hrs./wk.), and am enrolled in another 8-week workshop with them the same time as your offering (probably another 5 hrs./wk.). Your course sounds very good, but I don’t want to overextend myself, as I have a habit of doing that.

– TG


My workshop is not like other workshops where you have to do the assignments and turn them in during the weeks the workshop is taught. I have a unique setup where there’s an alumni student forum, where all of my students from past and present continue to be mentored by me, indefinitely, for as long as they still need my guidance and help. I often have students who suddenly have unexpected things happen to them, such as losing their jobs, or a family member gets sick, or an unexpected vacation comes up, and I always just tell them to go and do whatever they need to do, and then come back when they are ready, and I’ll continue to help them and give them critiques for assignments as well as answer all of their questions. My students can post their assignments and questions in the alumni students forum long after the workshop they took has ended (some have done so even a year after the workshop they took had ended). Also, the entire course content is hosted in the alumni students forum permanently, and always updated to the latest version.

So you can look at it like this:

-If you want to participate only during the weeks the workshop is running, then yes, the workshop requires a lot of time and focus, because it is an intense boot camp for visual artists that is meant to transform them from the inside out.

-If you are going to be busy during the weeks the workshop is running, you can always post the assignments and your questions later, and I’ll help you in exactly the same way as I would during the workshop–there’s no difference. The only difference is that during the workshop, you’ll have more of a sense of being part of a class, as the other students will be making comments in each other’s assignment threads and having discussions. When you post after the workshop ends, the other students would have moved on to the alumni students forum, and they’ll be tackling other challenges by then. So in that situation, your assignment posts would be answered by mainly just me, and less so by the other students. But of course, you can also participate in the alumni students forum, so you’re still part of that community.

I want to emphasize that the alumni students lounge is one of the very best communities for visual artists I know of (which was my goal when I created it), because it is private and intimate, and everyone has the common ground of having taken the same workshop and chasing after similar dreams. I’m overseeing everything and mentoring everyone, which means unlike big public forums, you’ll never be ignored or treated badly by trolls or a$$holes. Everyone is helpful, honest, sincere, and every critique is constructive, to the point, but never mean-spirited or rude. This is one of the best things about taking my workshop–it basically never ends, and just goes on and on for as long as you still want to be part of the community and continue to be mentored by me. The alumni students post regularly, sharing their artistic growth and challenges, asking for advice on difficult career issues or on their professional gigs, and discuss emotional issues related to their artistic journey (failures, triumphs, new insights). It’s a great place that is supportive, helpful, and also inspiring, because everyone involved is passionate and working hard at making their dreams come true, and they are always supportive of each other.


I wanted to chime in because I asked Robert the exact same question last year for the November 2011 run of the workshop; of which I’m an alumnus. At the time I was working 12 hour days and have a small child plus other demands on my time.

Major bonuses of this class is its all-encompassing curriculum that covers everything any serious artist needs to know, work on and be aware of to advance rapidly. Couple that with Robs excellent one-on-one teaching style, the group critiques and the fact that the lectures, material and lessons are available in the Alumni section so you can pace out your study in accordance to your schedule as I did.

It’s been a year since I was in the workshop run, but I’m still studying the materials, learning from Rob and the other students, working on my fundamentals; and I’m growing wicked fast!


knowing and feeling my work is amatuer while inside i have a professional clawing to get out… this might be the course for me.

… gotta get partner permission though, i dont’ wear the pants around here to say. :slight_smile:


This course sounds fantastic and I’d really love to take it! Unfortunately I don’t have the funds right now. Do you have any idea when/if the next run of the course will be?

Also, are there any costs beyond the course fee (i.e. books?).


I try to run as many workshops as I can a year, and averages at about four a year. So that means every two to three months I run a workshop. The upcoming one ends in early March, so the next one will be around the same time (probably a few days to a few weeks after).

There are no additional costs outside of the enrollment fee. If fact, you get far more than what you’re paying for, because you get me as a long-term mentor that you can go to for help anytime you want, as often as you need, even long after the workshop has ended.


Hmm, I really want to join your workshop, I’ve even become a CGS member to get the discount, but I’m receiving a “57,Function Not Permitted to Cardholder” error (I used the same credit card I used to become a CGS member).

I contacted and I hope I’ll be able to enter your workshop :confused:

Edit: Hooray! I’m in :smiley: (the problem was a security measure :D).


Hi Robert,

I’m very interested in taking your class, but want to do it at a time when I can focus solely on improving my artwork. Do you think you’re going to teach another session this summer?


The enrollment for the March-May 2013 workshop is now open!

We had another sold out workshop last run, so make sure you enroll early if you want to get in. I’ve often had people tell me they waited too long and then all the vacancies were gone by the time they got around to enrolling.

We’re right in the middles of the current run, and it’s a really good one. The students are passionate, intelligent, hard-working, friendly, selfless, and very supportive of each other. Lot’s of amazing moments of discovery and precious insights. :beer:


Current student speaking here: this workshop is awesome and I love Rob’s way of teaching and the interactions we have between all the students. I took a year before I decided to join - I remember asking questions in this very thread about it (post #371 wow time flies), and decided I had to grind a little in photoshop/tablet skills first (I took the absolute beginner class on CGS in order to do so)

I did not wait long before the opening date to get my name on the participant list once the current workshop opened up for registrations. I believe there were 25+ registrations within a couple days of it opening (maybe we just happened to be a super eager bunch too!). GO FOR IT! IT’S THAT GOOD :thumbsup:


I’ll try to teach this workshop for as long and as often as possible, but nobody can predict the future. :smiley: If I don’t get abducted by aliens or accidentally time-travel to another time period, I should be running the workshop back-to-back (every two to three months).

I get a lot of questions from people telling me that they want to take the workshop, but need to free up time so they can focus on it. What I usually tell them, is that while it’s a good idea to allow yourself the time and energy to focus on the workshop during those two months, it’s just as important to look at it from the context of your entire artistic journey. Life is always going to be busy and get in your way, and you’re always going to have other more urgent matters that will steal you away from putting time and effort into your dreams and goals. Becoming a better artist is a long-term goal that takes years and years, and the two months of the workshop is like a drop in the bucket. What matters is whether you keep up your artistic development after the workshop is over, and that’s why I created the alumni students lounge, so that I can continue to mentor my students even long after the workshop they took had ended.

Taking my workshop is essentially just to kick off our long-term relationship, and the workshop can be over for many months or even years, but you’ll still be my student and I’ll still be your mentor, and I’ll continue to help you in your artistic development until one day you no longer need me.


I’ve enrolled exactly one year ago (yay birthday! where’s my cake?) and it was one of the best decision I ever took in my life.

There’s already plenty of testimonials about the workshop and how great it is (I even wrote one of them) what I want to pinpoint is the alumni forum you’ll automatically join after the workshop: it’s more than great, it’s wonderfully fantastic! I’ve been posting tons of exercises and personal works there and every time Robert and other students are there to give me critique, helpful advices and words of encouragement. Rob is so dedicated that he will sometime gives you personal exercise jsut for you to help correcting some weakness and always answer any question you have (and will even answer questions you didn’t ask because he’s just like that!)

The only downside is I almost feel like a thief because I think I didn’t pay enough money! (but don’t worry too much for me, I can still sleep at night with that burden)


I really want to enroll, but the conversion from Dollar to Real doubles the price of the enrollment. You guys could make some promotional packages for the people in poor places of the world.

You would receive a lot of good karma.