Becoming a Better Artist – Critical knowledge and techniques for today’s artists


Hi Rob, you have no idea how much I want to take your couse, I’ve read every single thing you have written about it and it is even better than I imagined, thing is I am off for summer vacations and will be back next by the end of July, therefor I’ll have to catch your next course, and that is the reason for my post, do you have an idea when your next course would open up for enrollment? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi Paula. I already talked to your friend Azam about the next run–I don’t know if the information’s been passed on to you.

Usually, after a workshop ends, the next one would be scheduled either back-to-back, or a couple of weeks later, or roughly a month later, depending on how busy I am, or how much rest I feel I need in-between.

Another option you have, is to enroll in this current one, and then when you come back from vacation, spend a week catching up with your classmates. This is a viable option because my workshop is not based on deadlines. I allow students to turn in assignments as early or as late as they wish, because I understand many students have full-time jobs, are going to school, or have family to take care of, not to mention sometimes unexpected things happen in life and get in the way. I had students that got too busy during the workshop and just dropped off the radar, and then return in the later weeks and started to slowly catch up. Some even come back to me after the workshop had already ended and started turning in assignments. This is possible because my workshop has a unique alumni students lounge, where all my graduated students can hang out together in a private forum, where I’ll continue to mentor everyone indefinitely, for as long as they feel they still need my help. I have an area in the private forum for students to continue to hand in assignments, even if their original run of the workshop ended long ago.

Basically, if you sign up for my workshop, it’s not just about the 8 weeks of the workshop’s running time–it’s about a relationship that will last for as long as you wish it to. I’ll always be at the alumni students lounge mentoring all my past students, and as long as you participate, I’ll always be your mentor.

So you can either wait until the next run, or you can join now–the result is the same–a life-long relationship between us, mentor to student, until one day you decide you no longer need my help.


Hey Rob, yeah I posted this before I asked Azam to ask you. He told me how crazy I was gonna be with all the fun you guys were gonna have while I was away! lol, truth is crazy with envy! I really appreciate your offer and I knew about your forum just for graduates which I find truly awesome, the thing is I would really like to be there from the start with all the class, I wouldn’t like to miss all that fun :buttrock: with the other students, so I’ll just wait anxious for your next class, I just hope it will be just a few weeks from the end of this one, so tell Azam not to slack so you don’t have to work extra! rofl! just kidding, he’s good :cool:


Yep, she should have got wind of my last message but she mentioned she contacted you a moment ago. I’ve copied the message over just incase she didn’t notice it.



Hi Robert,
I would like to join your course, when it starts again, therefore im planing on working in my summer holydays to scramble up some money.
But i wondered, if it even is possible for me to follow your course, since im living at the other end of the world (Nearly =D ).
I´ve lately been thinking about the time difference. Would it be a problem?

with best regards, Leon


The workshop is forum-based and not in real-time, so there’s no problem with time difference. You basically read the lecture notes, watch the videos, and do the assignments, and we’ll interact in the workshop forum. You can post questions, your assignments, and I’ll answer your questions and give you critiques. You will also interact with your classmates in the forum, having all kinds of interesting discussions about the lessons, creativity, career development concerns, or just personal things happening in your life that influences your artistic development, and so on.


sorry, now i got it =)
I imagined the whole thing as a video broadcast or anything like that.
But i have to admit, that this seems way better, i was really afraid of not having the chance to participate =P


Just wanted to let everyone know that the next run of the workshop is now open for enrollment.

The link to the workshop details is here:

The next run will be from September 10th, to November 4th.

We had 3 consecutive sold out runs of the workshops this year, and the past two runs went over the enrollment limit due to high demand. It’s extra work on my end, and I have to stay up later to help the students with critiques and questions, but it’s worth it, because I can help more students reach their goals and make their dreams come true–to become the artist they aspire to be, and to achieve the career goals they are chasing after.

I know a lot of you have been wanting to join us, and have been waiting for the right timing or saving up for it. I’m going to keep running this workshop for as long as I can, and when you are ready to come and join us, you’ll become part of the alumni students community, with our own private forum for critiques, discussions about personal artistic growth, portfolio/career development, and on-going mentoring from me, as well as mutual support and friendship from fellow alumni students. It’s a much cozier atmosphere compared to large, anonymous forums, because all the alumni students have been through the same experienced during the workshop, and for many, it’s been a transcendent experience in artistic growth, self-awareness, discovery, and huge boost in skill, knowledge, and confidence.

For those of you yet to experience the workshop, we’re waiting for you to come and join us. :arteest: :beer:


Hey Robert, you might remember me from a while back when I emailed you. I said I’d be taking your class at some point, and now I can, but I’m having trouble with the payment… it says something like “05,do not honour” when I try to pay. Any ideas?


Please contact Kirsty (workshop manager) with all questions regarding payment or other technical issues. Her email is:


Thanks. I eventually got it to work. I’m looking forward to this class!


Hi Robert,

I’ve wanted to do this course for a long time now and due to a heavy workload cannot make the start date of Sept 10th, 2012. I was wondering when you were planning your next one as I definitely want to lock that in.

Many thanks,



I try to do as many runs as I can handle, and for the past two years, the average has been around 4 to 5 runs a year–so basically every two to three months. This is the currently momentum, and it’s only been sustainable because of popular demand from students. If the demand dwindles, then the frequency of the runs will decrease as well. I cannot predict the future, so I can only tell you how it’s been so far. If everything keeps going smoothly like it has been for the last two years, then there should always be a run coming immediately after the previous run.

And on a related note, I want to say thank you to all the students who has kept this workshop alive and running by enrolling and supporting it. Without your passion and drive and your burning desire to become better artists, as well as your trust in my ability to mentor and help you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams, this workshop would have died long ago.

My passion and dedication alone is not enough, and the only reason this workshop continues to run, is because you are also passionate and dedicated, and together, we can alter the path of your artistic journey so that you will be traveling on the most effective and fulfilling path possible. No more wandering around in the dark, fumbling over and over, feeling lost, frustrated, insecure, and hating yourself for not making any significant progress as an artist. This workshop will change everything–if you place your trust in me and work hard under my guidance.


definitely interested in the next round, and strong possibility I’ll be able to foot the bill for it too!


Like most people who look to online workshops for personal and professional development, I was skeptical about this course.

Since when do you come across something in this world that offers so much for very little in return with out a catch?

Before I took this course my answer would have been ‘never’. However this course proved me wrong.

I would strongly recommend any Visual Artist looking to improve on there foundational knowledge to give this workshop a chance.

The workshop last for 8 weeks however you will continue to have access to the course material in the student lounge forum after the workshop. This is where all past students continue to be mentored by Robert Chang.

Its a small price to pay to be taught by a teacher with such experience and passion in what is being taught.


This is sooo great to hear. I can’t even say how long I’ve procrastinated in taking this class but I seriously want to take it so bad. I love reading comments like yours Mdocka1 it really confirms just how great this class must be. Hope I can sign up for the next one.


Thanks Robert, for helping me to see the ‘blind spots’ in my journey to be a better artist and guiding me through. Best wishes.


Thanks Robert for the informative response. I’m very much looking forward to taking this course in the near future :slight_smile:


Hi Robert, I understand all the content of the class, but, can you explain a little more how we receive the content, for example;

First you watch videos, or live classes, then you make homework and then post it, and you receive critiques, etc.

I hope I made it clear to undestand.

Thank you!


The class is like this:

Each week you’ll have lecture notes (lots of example images to illustrate the points taught in the lecture texts), and the lecture notes are what contains the most important lessons in the workshop.

The videos are only supplemental, and while they expand on some of the stuff from the lecture notes, they are aimed more at the less experienced artists who need a lot of hand-holding (showing everything from basic digital art techniques up to more advanced techniques). Advanced artists don’t need the videos as much; the reason they join this workshop is usually because they are lacking in the foundational knowledge and the creative vision aspect of their work, and they are mostly already fairly advanced in their technical skills.

After you have read the lecture notes and watched the videos, you will do the assignments given at the end of the weekly lecture notes.

You post the assignments in the workshop forum, as well as any questions you want answered–things you still don’t understand, or need more in-depth explanations of.

Then I will give you very detailed, thorough, and thoughtful critiques, as well as answer any questions you asked with as much detail as possible, so everything will become clear to you.

Your classmates will also participate in the forum, and you guys will be commenting on each other’s assignments, having discussions, sharing ideas, and so on.

After considering all the feedback you got from me and your classmates, you will work on improving your assignment, and when you’re done improving it, you’ll post the new version. And then we repeat the process for as many times as you need in order to improve your assignment to a standard that you can be proud of.

The assignments vary a lot–some are designed to challenge your imagination and creativity, and don’t focus on your technical skills, while other assignments will challenge you technically and push you to improve your skills. There are also assignments that push you to apply all the critical foundations of visual art to your work, juggling multiple challenges at once, so you are engaged creatively, artistically, and technically at the same time.