Becoming a Better Artist again (or just becoming one if you haven't already)


He’s back. Again! Rob Chang’s CGWorkshop-turned-training-phenomenon "Becoming a Better Artist " returns for another semester. Rob’s been selling out this online class now for almost three years. If that’s not amazing enough in itself, Rob keeps in contact with every single one of his ex-students via a special alumni forum you’ll have access to upon course completion. So not only do you get great training and feedback during the workshop (whatever your artistic level) you’ll have the support of Rob and your classmates indefinitely, whenever you need them. Starts 18th March, click here to find out more and see what previous students have to say.


I’m from the January to March 2013 run (14th run) which is coming to an end but with the alumni forums ahead, it’s a new beginning for life-long learning! :smiley:
I consider myself a newbie and this is a very, very, very intense boot camp to “become a better artist” because if you wanted to do everything and absorb everything within the 8 week time-frame it is definitely a full time load but fortunately you can do it at your own pace even after the workshop ends, out of Rob’s generosity and admirable mission to make you a better artist.

Rob is a treasure to us and he doesn’t sugar coat any of his passionate and thorough feedback. Make sure you read thoroughly the weekly outline in the workshop description as it is very accurate. And although lots of brilliant knowledge is contained within each lecture portion (note there is a lot of wonderful reading due to how much knowledge involved!) with the videos as a supplement for beginners like myself, the wealth is actually in participating and bringing the concepts home via practice, encouragement, critique and feedback as well as making heaps of mistakes. Make those mistakes and learn from them! (:

No regrets taking this course as it has saved me from many insecure thoughts and self doubts I have of myself while the remaining ones are a normal part of being a learning artist. This is a workshop you’d need to review again and again. I feel like my aspirations and goals as an artist are clearer as I realise what things I don’t want to do even more and where I fit in terms of skill level. And to think that I used to believe I will never be able to do his course! Took the leap of faith, don’t regret it now! Now I’m figuring out the hike ahead together with Rob’s mentoring and fellow classmates’ support.


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