Becky IFX, Warren Louw (2D)


i like the style


great artwork!!:buttrock:


Gosh, I´m in love:D

Fantastic style, a pleasure to look at this illustration, that is all I can say.


Awesome! but logo from " Aliens " :smiley:


Amazing work. I definitely like the brown hair more than the red.


and I love the TRON reference.


awesome work! its very clean design. i love it. good job.:slight_smile:


Fun piece, and the use of OCP, W-Y and Encom will be cool…? Excellent…


Good work, and congrats! I like the brown hair, you’re idea is great. Sexy as hell, with grenades. Questionably immersing, and thought provoking.


nice work!


You create wonders :bowdown:


Great solid feel to her figure, following you tutorial in ImagineFX. Looking forward to more from you.


Great work. :bowdown: I just love her expression. :thumbsup:


Nice character!:thumbsup:
She is so sexy;):bounce:


Nice work! :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


Very nice work



She´s sooooo sexy. Wow. Great expression. A masterpiece.



Beautiful :slight_smile:



I’m not one to comment on illustrations\drawings of female figures. This one I will for one reason, the physical look is the type of women I find attractive. Nice Work, it’s probably more appealing when the illustration\drawing looks like a women you’d see in real life and find attractive, although one has to ask is her personality compatible with yours ? That is the question :slight_smile:


Dude… absolutely perfect! I love the style, I normally hate eyeliner and mascara, but for some reason, it really accents her. So many nice touches… just breathless.