Becky IFX, Warren Louw (2D)


Big fan of your works! This one doesn’t disappoint. She’s a beauty! :thumbsup:


ha! superb idea. I was first saying to myself:“man, that gun looks like an old photo cam of mine…hey wait, it is…or isn´t it?”. Then I was distracted by her boobs. lol

Indeed charming and creative work. :thumbsup:


Others have said already, but really like the clean style of art you have. You make your characters look sexy, but not over the top. Awesome as always!


she looks a lot better with dark than red hair but i guess someone somewhere loves redheads lol


LOVE IT! my new desktop!


I love the pose and rendering, very nice work indeed.



Awwww, I miss shooting on a Bolex. Might have to go snag my buddies for a weekend and burn some film!


nice work!


very nice, love it :applause:


Great work! Loved her face! She seems so calm yet dangerous! Her silhouette, pose, eyes, color palette, it all matches so nicely that it’s almost impossible not being hypnotized by her! Smoking hot! Congratulations!


nice light work the gradient are above par i would say…two thumbs up!!


Great job, I saw your pages in magazine, fantastic skills man, you have girls in your eye. Well done :smiley:


Is that a Weyland-Yutani logo I spy on her pouch? :smiley:


Jis dude, jy impress my maar net elke keer met jou werk. Congrats op die imaginefx cover, well deserved.


Great rendering!! Love the style and concept. I don’t agree with the comments on the nipples being too high because I believe it helps to add weight. Kind of looks like she has breast implants.


Just like to take the op to thank Warren for creating such a great cover image. He’s a very pleasant chap to work with, open to direction and exchanging ideas - which really helped evolve a stunning cover illustration within quite a tight deadline. “You’ve done a man’s job sir…”


that’s a great pose and rendering


Just fantastic, your work is genius!


Awesome work! I thought the image looked familiar when I saw it on the front page.



This illustration is awesome, very good work :applause: