Becky IFX, Warren Louw (2D)


Lovely, very nicely done.



like your beautiful girls very much, I have a collection, like your style of painting beautiful, very clean, colors are beautiful!


I joined to forum just to point it out =)


Very beautiful! Nice choice of colors too =)


Very nice piece of work! How’d I miss seeing this before now? :shrug:


She’s beautiful !

great job :wink:


body perfect she so sexy.


Respect! Impressive work! Gratulations!


I`m in love. That’s all i have to say :applause:


not bad, well blended and the proportions are fun to look at =D somebody mentioned theres tutorial on this style? care to link?


Awesome work dude! You recently met kongolo in SA his a friend! we dig your style,your laws on proportions are very effective in insuring your female characters stay super hot,if mastered they can make even the most extreme of proportions work,love the detail!


Very cute face!


Fantastic work, very pretty


Studly picture.

Anatomically, there’s a thick cord of muscles that connects the hips to the bottom of the rib cage (that’s why we have hips–they’re knobs for muscles to attach to). So waist is too long and tapered.

That said, you’re making a caricature so distortion is warranted (otherwise why not snap a photo?)

You done good yo.


I ordered a print of this off DA , it was only 20$ and change for a really nice 18x24… and the print is extremely high quality…


Great piece of work…good job done!!..congrats Warren :beer:


I saw this image a few years ago (like, when it was new) and I really liked it. The sci-fi flick references are cute and the overall concept is good.

I think the image is great, but I’m surprised nobody else mentioned this. There’s been a lot of talk about the height of the nipple, but something else is off about the breasts. Well, not the breasts, but the shirt. The shirt is clinging so tightly to the breasts AND to the body, that we have to assume its tight. But if it were that tight, it would be causing some pressure to the breasts, some squish, or some lift, and it’s not. Further for breasts that large, one would suspect there would be some sort of support and shaping in that shirt, but the look doesn’t suggest there is. What this does is sort of alert my eyes that something is not quite right.

Obviously, you’ve presented a hyper-stylized and very attractive image. She’s very sexy, but for some reason, I can’t get past the breast physics here.


The torso isn’t very believable unfortunately. However your style is one of the best I’ve seen. =)


This would make an interesting character in a movie or game.


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