Becky IFX, Warren Louw (2D)


Title: Becky IFX
Name: Warren Louw
Country: South Africa
Software: Photoshop

Becky - The cover girl of ImagineFX, issue 49 November 2009.

So my very first appearance in an IFX mag makes the front cover, including a full on posing workshop inside the issue. This was definitely the most exciting artwork I’ve ever worked on in my entire art career to date. The entire process was a complete pleasure and flowed far smoother than I had anticipated.

They ended up choosing her with red hair for the cover, which I also totally love, but thought id share her with you as I originally had her from start to finish.

Anyway, I seriously recommend this issue to those who are wanting to learn more about how to approach posing. I shared as much as I could and even exceeded the limit they asked me to keep to, so Im sure there will be something for all of you guys to take and use to your advantage!

Lastly, this is for those of you who want to see how this ImagineFX cover turned out -
And to get ahold of this issue, go here:
Hope you all enjoy!

• Lineart and colours created in Photoshop CS3 by Wacom Intuos 3


Not a bad use of cartoon proportions (very hour glass body shape). The rendering of the torso skin tones is very nice, and I like the line contours and the arms (even the foreshortened one). I like the googles on the hat and the stitch work on the gloves. It adds a nice level a detail and more character.

Her nipples way be a little high (just a little), and you may have tapered her waist a little too thin (but that becomes a matter of opinion, but the nice work on the hips isn’t helping). Maybe if you thinned it further down it may help. Up to you. Her face isn’t harsh but more easy-going, which works for this pose (which isn’t overtly threatening, just implied). Her hair design is nice as well. Keep it up. Good work.


As always, I really dig the way how you draw girls. Your clear and outlined pictures are always awesome. As linainverse23 said, I think her nipples are a little bit high but I really like all the rest, the pose, her look, the subject. Incredible work !! :slight_smile:



I knew she was yours as soon as I picked up that issue. Your tutorial inside was awesome too. Thanks!




Great job. I really like the style of this one. I agree with the post above mine about the attention to detail on the hat, gloves and goggles. I also like the paint under her eye, it gives her an even more stylized look. I do like the black hair version more than the one on the image FX cover as I think the black hair one gives it more contrast and makes the image pop that much more. All the colors work very well together, and the rendering job is fantastic. Very pretty and sexy character, I like this one a lot.


Awesome! SHe’s quite a looker and nicely exeCUTEd!


Beautiful work! I really like your style!


Niiiiiiiccccceeeee work. love your clean, crisp style and your character portrayal :slight_smile:


Yeah, let’s get some action, girl! :smiley:

Sweet and clean work :thumbsup:


Nice and clean drawing.
She is Beauty. NJ


Great job…:thumbsup:


Great work!

Could you please tell us a bit more about your methods?


Fantastic work, very pretty…


Congrats on another amazing finished piece.

You always manage to create such beautifully innocent yet sexy female characters without crossing the vulgar line.

Keep on, keep keepin on! :buttrock:


:drool::drool: what a tease! great work, love the toony colouring, her face is awesome, great work man :slight_smile:


A girl on the cover of ImagineFX!?!? How could this happen!

Ahaha, great work! Really great lines!


Great job, as usually. I really like your style.

My only critiques is about the left forearm that looks strange to me, and the right side of the glasses that seems a bit little for the left.

Congrats! This is a nice babe!


Fantastic style, great work!


Cant keep my eyes off her, amazing stuff man, im humbled to see an SA artist produce such high quality stuff 5 stars from me :buttrock: