Beaver Seduction, Patrick Beaulieu (3D)


Title: Beaver Seduction
Name: Patrick Beaulieu
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hey !
Here’s my latest work called Beaver Seduction !
Hope you will like it !


:smiley: ROFL!
This is AWEsome!!! So cool! I can’t stop laughing! No offense to any one, but this Beaver is officially my new hero. A truly amazing piece of art in terms of composition, color and theme. The character looks great especially with that perverted expression. But I kinda miss the nose when I think of him as a beaver, maybe its only me. Couldn’t help but notice the naughty bunny tattoo. Hahahaha!

This is classic… My new wallpaper! Great Colors and especially the background and oh… the out of focus flying notes in the foreground too! Loved it! :thumbsup:


funny, good animal. :slight_smile:




hahahahah , very coool :applause:


Which of the two beavers are we to presume is being seduced, exactly?? :twisted:

Great work mate. Your use of colours is top notch. And even though we can only see a fraction of the woman, you’ve made her full pose so clear with your composition.

Great stuff. :applause:


Great work, and really funny… congrats


wow wonderfull job! nice cartoon style!


Hehe :wink:
Great image and character.



Great stuff, can´t stop laughing!



Absolutely fantastic! I love everything in that piece!


Can’t stop laughing man ! great job !


very cool.I like it.


I have to agree with everyone else. Simply AWESOME :thumbsup:


I like it. The beaver looks very funny too.


Its very original and funny!
Position of camera and eyes of beaver are incomparable!


Hey, thanks for all your great comments guys, I really appreciate it!
If people laugh with that picture, my mission is accomplished !


Awesome, the “out of focus” dollar bills breaking the frame… gives it a very good visual twist.


very cool scene! I love this cartoon realistic style
and the post production is excellent as well!
can u explain us or give tips how u done this background?
it was done just in photoshop?


Hey !
Thanks for all great comments and constructive point of view, I really appreciate it !

To explain more about the Background, I was all made in Photoshop, Using brush to create the multiple Bukeh effect to simulate a big room with lots of people. It was really important for me to stage the scene in a strip club and feel the ambiance.

I didn’t used any special technique doing it, only standard brush, working with colors (witch is the major focus for me) to find the perfect ambiance for Beaver seduction. I wanted to detach the character silhouette from the background the most I can, without breaking the red-pink color palette.